Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Gonna Wash that Gray Right Out of my Hair...

..and I did.

Yesterday I got my hair colored - all of it. After years of pretty and subtle highlights and now 8 years of pulling stray grays out of my locks, my gray hair started taking over. It has to happen someday - but being just barely 40 seems too young. Admittedly so, I actually probably waited 6 months more than I should of, but getting the hair dyed before 40 just seemed well, sad.

I chose brown - my natural color - I am such a rebel. Dan and I discussed red tones and even purple to amuse the girls, but I had pink hair in high school and thought purple hair at 40 would be just a little well, immature. Call me conservative - well actually don't - that would offend me...just call me a responsible 40 year old mom with plain brown hair. I also considered blond as I have never been a blond, but if I were a blond I would also want boobs, not that all blonds have boobs, but this one would want them. But alas, today I am still a brunette, sans gray, with 32aa's. The world is good.

I can sleep well at night also knowing that my brother Troy(who is just 10 months older than me) has more gray hair than I do.
Exhibit A

I am thinking when he comes to visit this Winter(you are coming right?;-), I am going to take him to Dan for a new color. Gosh, I wonder if Troy likes pedicures too? Can you say Spa Day.



Kristi Pohl said...

no fair, you should have posted a pic of your hair too!

Troy said...

I'm crying foul play sis. Everyone tells me gray hair on men is distinguishing but, now that I think about it most of these individuals are much older then me??? I would only consider the possibility of a day spa if hitting a few runs on the slopes was on the agenda!

ginny said...

Make that 10 1/2 months apart please! Same year, just one at the beginning and one at the end:) Great picture of Troy with his distinguished lokking gray hair! He has more gray hair than I do. Years ago I had gray hair and received lots of compliments - then I was back into the job market and decided to try to look younger. Now I'm thinking I need to go back to my gray hair because it goes along with my sagging boobs and pear shape figure I have acquired in the last couple of years! Does conservative have anything to do with dressing only in plain colors mostly beige and black or is that something else? Sounds as though the two of you will be skiing soon!

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