Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, I really don't talk about myself much. For those of you who know me well, you know what an introvert I am. Sure, I can still sell ice to Eskimos, and be the big businesswoman, and make the deals...blah blah blah...but in my heart and soul..I am an introvert. I prefer my alone time, my quiet time, easy lunches or wine with one or two friends. I like my personal space, I like spending time at home.

I don't like to draw attention to myself. You will not see me wearing make-up or wearing jewelry..and I don't get manicures and pedicures or treat myself to much. Being the center of attention is not my style..we didn't even have a wedding reception and I was uncomfortable having a baby shower. I am not sure if it's a typical Minnesotan trait - I hear that sometimes...that it is this quiet Norwegian/Lutheran(I am neither by the way) society that makes us so bashful about ourselves?

Of course, having kids now doesn't exactly help not being focused on oneself...perhaps that is why I love motherhood so much..as the focus is almost entirely 100% off of me and onto these gems. hhhmmm...something to ponder.

I like being an introvert. I like just watching and thinking and doing for others. I actually think that introverts make the best salespeople..as they spend more time learning about the customer instead of talking about themselves.

Being an introvert has made me a runner. I run. I have ran for 16 years now..I ran 5 miles the morning Eloise was born. I love to run. I don't win races(that would be too much attention), but I finish every race I start. I run a slow and steady 4 hour marathon....never walking, never winning and never quitting. I run for me..for my peaceful 30-45 minutes of complete, introspective thinking and quiet each day. I never run with music..I want to hear my thoughts..not someones songs. I never run with others. I have before, and it ruins my day..even if it was with my best friend. Running is my selfish, quiet alone time.. I will never join a gym, or exercise with others...running is solitary and just simply sweet perfection for me.

However, I noticed I have completely let my running gear go to heck the best few years...I used to buy new shoes every 4 months..and here these are 2 years old and still going...and then I looked in the mirror at what I was wearing and noticed I was wearing the same shorts today that I wore for my 1st marathon in 1995(happy they still fit 13 years later) but I seemed to be achieving that Bruce Jenner outdated look. Not pretty.

So, for ME..selfishly, selflessly, lovingly...I bought myself new shoes and 2 new running outfits. It felt good to think about memememememememe this week and treat myself. Running is too important to me to let it go like that again. I need it and promise to take better care of myself.

...just please don't stop me while I'm running to let me know how great I look in my new duds...as I'm running, alone, happy, thinking and focused and really don't like to be bothered much.
xoxo, t


Melanie said...


i have never thought that about sales and introverts, but that makes sense!

tracy, we are so opposite. i'm practically addicted to people, and i think the hardest thing about being a mom is slowing down so i can't be around people my own age a lot of times.

Stacey said...

You are a wonderful introvert, however, you should treat yourself to a pedicure. You don't have to do polish or be flashy to treat your feet to something special... They seem to treat you daily :)

Jaci said...

From one runner to another.....treating yourself to some new running "duds" is the best gift to give yourself. Now get out there and break in those new shoes!

Michelle said...

I absolutely loved this post Tracy. I love learning more about YOU. I'd love to run with you one day or share a quiet lunch or talk photography... I'm grateful to count you among my friends.

kari said...

From one introvert to another-I loved this post. I have so many friends that are the opposite of me in terms of that. I find that now that I am a parent, it is harder to find that solitutde to re-charge with little people talking at me 24/7 (literally). Loved seeing your cute face up there on the screen also!

Kristi Pohl said...

you are my favorite introvert-and yes, I am totally jealous that you are wearing the same size clothes as thirteen years ago...

today was SO FUN! I am still reeling from all of the fiber vibes.

Patricia Weber said...

Introverts DO make the best salespeople because of at least 12 traits we have! I have an ongoing discussion on my own blog.

Personally, maybe it's an INTJ preference, I like kickboxing exercises!

Love your post,

Patricia Weber
Sales Accelerator Coach
For Introverts, Shy and Reluctant

Heather said...

OH I LOVED THAT Tracy! I LOVE your new running gear, I am glad that you treated yourself to some new goodies! Keep on running girl ;o)

Heather said...

I love this post! I'm an introvert too, and if it weren't for the kids I could easily hibernate at home, silently, for weeks.

Great idea about the running gear treat - maybe I should try that myself. My workout clothes aren't 13 years old as sadly my size has changed considerably, but they are definitely past their prime and an update does feel great. Thank you for reminding me.

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