Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sorry...more Matilda Jane..from a wannabe photog..

Sorry to be obsessing a bit lately over Matilda Jane...but we just got this dress this week - I'm a bit in awe of it's perfection on Miss Eloise.

Thoughts? Yes, agree with me..perfection....and doesn't she make a lovely subject...and I think my picture turned out pretty darn good too...practice, practice, practice...and repeat after me..."I love my Thrifty Fifty, I love my Thrifty 50mm is my 50mm is my friend.." I have vowed to myself to leave it on my camera for 3 months and achieve some better photos. I really have trouble getting my focus correct. Someone help me please??? :-)

See, now this picture is cute(with our borrowed Greyhound named Primo) but not a great shot at all. :-(

..and this one of Miss Esther isn't what I was going for either..but still darling in it's own way as the subject is nice...hehehehe

I hope she doesn't mind...but my friend, Michelle blogged some photog advice the other day...check out her pictures...they are amazing..and what I like is that I have the same equipment and probably a lot more time than she does(she has 6 amazing children, and runs more than I do) I know with some more practice, I can improve my skills immensely. Hugs, Michelle for your gracious tips and lovely subjects.

Now, off to practice...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

How perfectly sweet of you to mention you me Tracy! I think your photos are fab! Like you I look forward to a lens upgrade-- the thrifty fifty IS frustrating.

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