Friday, July 11, 2008

Small Town Story..

So sorry not to be blogging much this week - too many pictures to edit, we have lovely company staying with us, trying to catch-up with ebay and book Matilda Jane parties...oh, and play with and feed my girls of course.

I just want to share a quick story with you of the beauty of Small Town Middle America. After being at my parents for 3 days I grew desperate for a nice bottle of wine(not because of my parents...but because I like wine and didn't have any.)

Took a trip to the grocery store and find rows of rows of Carlo Rossi by the jug and a few bottles of Boonesfarm thrown in for fun. Now, while I was 17, I did enjoy Boonesfarm Strawberry Hill and Country Quencher, and the $1.99 price tag quite a lot..but 22 years later...not so much. Not to be a wine snob, but uhm, nope...moving on.

Found a liquor store..went in...found rows and rows of Carlo Rossi and Boonesfarm...the kind gentleman/owner behind the counter comes out and says to me(use your best Southern accent).."ya know, I do have an old wine cellar that may have some better bottles..they maybe a bit dusty..but you are welcome to go have a gander.." So, he directs me to the cellar to go browse and then says to me..."ya know, I've gots to get out and get some things like a newspaper and another would ya mind just watching the store for 5-10 minutes while I run out..I really appreciate your kindness..."

So, I minded the store and browsed and cleaned the dusty bottles, and found a lovely Australian Shiraz very worthy of a better liquor store. Impressed I went to the counter to work for a few minutes before he returned to thank me and let me pay. I have to say he was quite impressed by my choice..and I assume he must have thought I looked pretty darn honest to watch his store for him. I can't imagine that happening much in our big cities. That small town trust and kindness got to me a bit...not enough to want to live there..but perhaps enough to visit more often.


Aunt Sandy said...

Wow that is hard to believe but now I want to know how the wine was?

ginny said...

The wine was great! I should have bought more, sorry I didn't think about drinking. Instead I played, played, and played some more until I was exhausted. I found the story unbelievable myself!

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