Monday, July 21, 2008

Not so Funny...

I am deeply honored that my friend Heather presented me with a Bloggy award last week. It does really touch my heart when people actual read my blog, and yes, also comment. Heather is another of my uber talented friends who can create amazing loveliness out of fabric. She also has her own tea website and has 3 gorgeous girls.

I would like to present this Bloggy award to my other friend Heather..who made me laugh this morning with her post...OMG watch the video..this is MY life, MY Donut cat every morning at 4:30am...for those of you sans may not 'get' it..and I LOVE Heather's blog design..yummy on the eyes!

..and I would like to also present this Bloggy award to my dear friend Melanie...who is such an amazing person, mom, wife and friend. She is very inspiring, thoughtful and just plain fun....which I understand can be difficult when you are an outgoing, Republican, anti-cat person such as her... ;-)

I also want to apologize, as when I saw Heather awarded this to me..she said I was funny...and usually, I think I am. However, for the past few I go back and read my blogs...they just aren't too funny and I realized that I am quite humorless lately.
I am going to blame it on John Mellencamp. I love him - and his music. I have been in love with him since I was 15 years old. For me, he encompasses everything that Indiana is. Do parts of your life have a Theme Song? For me..every time I touch down in Indiana(home) this man lives in my brain and sings his songs of life, strife, love, loss and living during my visit...and then it takes me another good month to get him out of my head. Only this time, I went and bought his new CD and now he is not leaving. That is okay though. He just makes me a bit melancholy.

For the entire week we were in Indiana..I am hearing Pink House, Smalltown, Jack and Diane, Scarecrow..over and over again in my head..and remembering growing up in Indiana..and seeing John Mellencamp in concert. When I was a junior in High School...a group of us drove down to Indiana University for the weekend for the Little 5 bike races, and saw him in an outdoor concert...I fell in love with him that day.(oh gosh, come to think of it...did my parents know I went to IU for that weekend...hhmm..I guess they do now)...or my senior year when a group of about 10 of us piled into a van and went to Indy to see him in the big stadium and celebrated with White Castle's afterwards until 1am?

Anyway, I digress...I hope to have my humor back soon...I know you just love that sarcastic wit. Just tell John M. to be a little more peppy sometimes. Maybe he and I just need to lighten up a bit.
xoxo, t

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Melanie said...

ah yes, looking back is always bittersweet.

i only live about 30 minutes from our "hometown" and i hate going back. ever.

my sister lives 1 block from our childhood home. i couldn't do it. too much to contemplate.

btw, thanks for the award and for thinking i'm amazing. xoxo

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