Saturday, July 12, 2008

Safe activities in a Small Town... girls could jump, play and run through a puddle after the the middle of the street without having to worry about cars... THAT is fun!

"..uh oh, my skirt is now wet - but look, I can see myself!"
" I will just take my skirt off and run some more..."

"...hey, Mom, this chick on the ground keeps following me..."
"..and look my friendly reflection jumps when I do too..."

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ginny said...

The two of them enjoy the simple life. It was so fun to be with them all week. They were always busy with crafts, coloring, playing in the water,running around and just enjoying each other and everyone around them. Every day they were dressed in their Matilda Jane outfits and it was fun to see heads turn remembering what girls used to look like years ago. This water scene was so cute - Eloise was telling Esther not to walk in the water so she jumped in instead and soon Eloise followed.

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