Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scenes from My Street....

..In Minnesota(and I am sure other states/cities) we say we only have 2 seasons...Winter and Road Construction.

This year - it is our personal turn to deal with the road front of our home. Our road is closed from April to October for them to install new water lines, gas lines, sewer connections, roads, curbs, sidewalks, grass and boulevard trees.

Yes, we can rid ourselves of our lead pipes circa 1910 and now flush our toilets without fear of back-up into our tubs and basements...aahhh...progress and modern living. There is nothing like living in the big city. This 100 year old home is going to feel so refreshed.

See that cloud of dirt/dust way down yonder..that is what the inside of my house looks like now daily...I will need lots of help dusting when this is over.

The kids love watching the big trucks(I will not name any of these, as I have no idea what they are called...) dozers, diggers, cranes, trucks, etc all look the same to me..and when the girls ask me what they are...I call them "worker-doohicky truck thing-a-bobs" and then I tell them to run down and ask Owen, our 5 year old boy neighbor.

What I like about this project - is not watching the trucks..but watching this every day..yes, I am shallow..but I should get some benefit out of this inconvenience too...and why they heck do you think I am making my children have a Lemonade Stand every day now.
..oh my , he is wiping the sweat from his brow..I think I am getting the vapors(oh wait..we don't get those up here in the North Country...)

xoxo, t


Stacey said...

As I was reading "Scenes from My street" I was thinking of how nice to not have crazy, hectic traffic whizzing by and the safety of your children. And as I came to the final photos I realized that this project is truly good for all in the neighborhood... Whoa! Enjoy! And sell lotsa lemonade. :)

Jaci said...

LOL....I think I'm going to come for a visit! Andrew would be in "boy heaven" with all the machinery. You and I could sip some lemonade and enjoy the scenery. :)

ginny said...

Such an education you are getting. It will be nice when it's all over and then you never have to put up with that again - oh wait, I don't think it works that way anymore. They'll get it all done and then a couple of months from now will dig it up again - that's the way it works now! Don't envy you with all the dust, too bad you don't have air so you could have the house closed. Sell lots of lemonaide today.

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