Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aubie John...

Did you know that you have like the best name ever? I love the name Aubie. Secretly, even though I always wanted girls...if I DID ever have a boy, I would've loved to name him Aubie. Strong, unique, individual, fabulous..and well, you.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!! I hope you have a great day today. We love you to pieces. Thank you for being so handsome - because I look like that is quite important to me. Thank you for every Saturday...I am not sure what the girls would do without their Papa time.

We love you!


Heather said...

i've never met an aubie before. but i really like that name. dads are awesome aren't they?!

ginny said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Aubie! He would introduce himself or for any of us that would talk about him - there was always the same question - "what is his real name"! I, too, always thought it would be nice to have a name not many had heard of.

Anonymous said...

C/o Tracy
Happy Birthday Aubie. Glad to see another Scorpio.
You have the greatest gift great kids and grandkids. Many more.

You are indeed lucky to have your Dad close by and our grandkids are lucky to have several grandpas.

I lost my Dad at 17. Our kids had no granpa's and only one great grandpa alive for a short time when Jed was a baby.Great loss!!!

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