Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictures of Other People's Kids...

I figure you must be getting bored of my lovely I went to Eloise's Kindergarten last week. They had their Halloween costume parade.

I got home and realized I took ZERO pictures of Eloise...well, she almost made it in - but the chicka in front of her kept blocking her face with her wand thingy. Darn kids.

So please enjoy these pictures of other people's kids.

..and of course pictures of Bob the Builder...aka Sister Sara.

Seems they spent the entire week gettin' ready for Halloween - makin' treat bags, rehearsin' for the parade, watchin' movies, eatin' popcorn...good to know they still have fun in Kindergarten....don't want too much of the readin' and writin' goin' on...(oops sorry, just got a bit Sarah Palinesque on ya...aren't ya glad we won't hear that anymore)(oops sorry again...that will be my last political statement of 2008).


Melanie said...

great costumes!!

Kristi Pohl said...

You do know that Obama lifted his "yes we can" from bob the builder, right? Great costume!

Ah, the difference between public and private school-the only Halloween stuff you can do in public school is after hours...

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