Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Vote...

One More Day. One more day of T.V. ads, one more day of phone calls, one more day before we vote.

I have stayed away from really any political talk on my blog. Those who know me, now how I feel about the whole thing, and for whom I will vote. Those who don't really know me, well really don't need to know how I feel about it. I would rather use my blog for my horrible sewing, my incredibly cute girls, and for having fun. Not that politics isn't fun I guess. I really am looking forward to tomorrow.

Just Vote. I don't really care who you vote for - that is your right as an American citizen. Just Vote. Whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Write-In, Me...just vote. It is just that important.

I remember my 1st Presidential election that I voted in. It was in 2
nd grade in 1976. That is how important voting is - even kids remember their first vote. I voted for Ford. He lost. I also voted for Carter in 1980- wow, and he lost too. I think my track record has improved a bit since then..and I don't think I will be wrong tomorrow, but who right now I just think we can all be right by doing the right thing and just voting.

They are having an election in Eloise's Kindergarten class tomorrow. They aren't focusing on the candidates so much though, just the animals. Of her 3 choices, she says she is partial to donkeys because they live on farms...but would vote for Mickey Mouse if he were one of the choices instead.

Esther, in all of her 3 year old wisdom said she is voting for a sailboat so she can sail to Mexico to live with the monarch butterflies...oh, and at dinner she voted for a salad.

If the election doesn't go my way tomorrow, maybe I will just have to join her on that boat.

Just Vote.



Melanie said...

Ok, now I can't remember, but is Al Franken running in your state?

I will be up w you at 0 Dark Thirty to vote before dh goes to work. I hate mornings. Even now, it's 7:59, and it feels like DAWN.

Tracy said...

Yes, Mr. Al Franken is in a very close race for the Senate here in MN.

Should be an interesting day tomorrow. :-)

AFC said...

Hopefully we won't be sailing anywhere tomorrow!

Kristi Pohl said...

I will really miss you if you have to sail away-

ginny said...

This race has brought the same excitement that the 1960 race brought to this country! In the Duluth newspaper this morning is an article of a young man from Sweden here for a week to experience this election. The world is watching!

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