Friday, November 14, 2008

He must really love me...

...because he bought and installed a new dishwasher last week.

You know it - no more wash and re-wash, cursing at the dishwasher for me anymore.
It must be love.


Kristi Pohl said...

you know you're in love when you would rather have a new dishwasher than flowers and candy.

definitely, love.

kari said...

I'm so with my no dishwasher home and all. Say a little prayer as you load your lovely machine that this will be the year for me!

Tracy said...

Hey Kari - if you want to bring your dishes over a few times a week, I am all for that! I do hope you get yours soon.

ginny said...

Is it love or that he, too, was tired of dealing with it and listening to YOU! I'm happy to know your life will be so much easier now. I don't know what Jack would do without our dishwasher! Ha Ha

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