Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you have one of those Kids...

...who doesn't keep secrets or keep things private? Their report cards always say something like "she is very talkative and animated...she is quite a story teller."
Esther's new sister combined with her mommy's surgery and now nursing is adding so many darling additions to her vocabulary and repertoire.

Words fall quickly from her mouth. The same sentence will contain information like "I love fruit, did you know that our Donut cat loves the color red, and my new baby sucks from my mom's nipples and mommy has staples on her belly." ..and then she rides off on her scooter.
As her Uncle Troy told her once "Esther, you are very random."

Indeed. Very adorably random. We love you for it.



Kristi Pohl said...

I adore her randomness-cherish it while it lasts! Love the pics.

Ginny said...

darling pictures and "big Sis" looks so happy! Where did Astrid get the hat?

Melanie said...

Esther is SO adorable & SO completely proud to be the big sister! I love it!
And, yes, we do have one of those kids...upon returning early yesterday morning from the lake & heading straight to day camp we encountered one of Jack's teachers from a couple of years ago...we were saying hello & good morning & did you have a nice weekend...to which he responded, "Yes, we were at the lake. Daddy lost the boat key in the water & the jet ski won't start either." And there you have it!

hopefaithlove said...

totally something Avery would say, we should get them together. imagine that conversation.

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