Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeling more Prepared...

..and a bit triumphant.

My minor breakdown a few weeks ago has subsided and I have moved forward. I have prepared a bit for baby and it feels good.

In the past few weeks, Esther and I have triumphantly tackled a few baby stores, my mother generously helped with my stroller that I desperately wanted and knew Jed would have a coronary if he saw the price for the Italian luxury it will provide. (if I could only prove to him it is the Ducati of stollering?)
Generous friends have donated their new car seats, bouncy seats, play mats and love, and lended their co-sleepers so baby won't be sleeping in a dresser drawer.

Kristi is sewing some nursing covers and custom burb clothes.

My dad has dropped off delicately packaged swaddling blankets, sheets and onesies.

It does seem to take a village and I am ever so thankful for mine.

The essentials have been purchased - the diapers, wipes, sling, pump, nursing pads, those "other" pads.

Her wardrobe is of course quite complete and gorgeous.

My camera has been cleaned, my lenses are ready.

Kristi and I have begun designing the announcements.

A name had been picked - then debated - then named again - then vetoed by the girls - then discussed at length - then perhaps settled?

I feel ready.

Sure, we don't have a vehicle yet to fit 3 kids in - minor details still to iron out. I guess one of them can take turns staying home...or I can ride in the trunk.

Most importantly, I still need to sneak in my haircut, color and pedicure before delivery. A fabulous bottle of wine to bring to the hospital still needs to be packed.

Any day now, she is welcome to join us? Today perhaps?


hopefaithlove said...

Can't wait to see and hear her name! Keep us updated.

Kristi Pohl said...

I am waiting by my phone to come and take care of the girls!

Michelle said...

ooh! I am so, so very excited for you. And I need your address.... xoxo, m

Melanie said...

I am SO happy for you & can't wait for your baby girl to be welcomed home into the many loving arms & hearts of your village! Praying for her safe & speedy arrival!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooooooo excited Tracy! I can't wait to see her and the girls reactions and I am awaiting the beautiful name you've picked out :)

Jill R said...

How many more days until Christmas, Mama?

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