Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence... job as a teenager. Gaining it, living it, wondering what the hell I was thinking at times, and so grateful that you can never go back.....

My parents are too - I want to thank them though for putting up with me and accepting my Boy George make-up, my Cindi Lauper clothing, my Madonna lace, and of course, my Michael Jackson Glove I wore. Perhaps they are just thankful that "I" never got arrested during this time and would like to think of myself as just in the "wrong place at the wrong time" for most of my teenage years thank you very much. Perhaps not.

22 years ago - that lovely group of ladies pictured above went their separate ways Independently into the world. Fitting that after 22 years we meet near this holiday. Many of us hadn't seen each other or spoken since we left our high school and teenage years behind. Many of us, now at this age can't remember much of what we did in high school, nor anyone who was there with us.(speaking mainly for myself here).

We spent the weekend talking about our silly choices as teens, the trouble and joy we shared at the time, the boyfriends who hurt us, the girlfriends we hurt, the parents we lied to and the teachers we laughed at...and quickly moved on to our lives as women - our marriages, our divorces, our children, our losses and loves.

Independence. We all successfully found that early in life. I think our parents must be so proud.

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Ginny said...

Independence - BIG word, bigger adventure. I remember those years well along with the BIG hairdo and clothing styles. However compare with todays fashion yours were mild! Never thought I would say that! I AM SO GLAD THOSE YEARS ARE OVER, WHEW... We, too, are elated you were never arrested. I was always grateful you had so many wonderful friends and when I see a picture like this I AM proud of all of you. 22 years is a long time - hopefully you will plan more gatherings soon.

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