Thursday, July 9, 2009

Only four and a half years later...

...we have a proper front porch. The picture of it before just makes me cringe. How did it so easily turn into our storage/dumping ground?
I think our 100 year old home is happy now. How could it not be happy with a porch with that shade of yellow on the walls.
How fun to leave the door open all day yesterday with the front porch greeting me and beckoning family and visitors alike.

How fun to already play games out there.
I even got to read a magazine, drink a cup of coffee, and put up my feet out there yesterday.
Today, my goal is a nap on the porch.

Tomorrow my goal is to finish making the new couch cushions, throw pillows and curtains.
Come over today and join me for a lemonade if you are in the area.


Aunt Sandy said...

It is absolutely breath taking!!

pinkebody said...

Love the color! I'm sure your home is very happy indeed.

amym said...

I love it!! The furniture is beautiful ! Love Amy

Andrea Hallett said...

I'm on my way over.

It looks great! You are nesting like a mad woman. Can you tackle my basement next?

jill R said...

SQUEAL ... I can't wait to see this IRL, it looks divine. Good job.

Ginny said...

Beautiful - just beautiful! I want one of these! Jed did a wonderful job painting and your furniture is wonderful. How fun. You will enjoy many days in that happy space.

Melanie said...

Wow, BEAUTIFUL!!! That yellow is like sunshine itself, perfect for a sun porch! I can picture many happy memories out there on the porch...napping with the baby, girls playing games or having tea parties, girls talking on the phone, girls waiting for "him" to pick them up for a date...okay, I'll stop now. They grow up too fast anyway without imagining their lives away!
Enjoy the fruits of your labor & have a great nap!

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