Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When you die...

..please don't leave your ashes to me. I just cannot be held responsible for what may happen with them. It's not that I don't love you, honor you and miss you deeply. Weird things just happen to ashes in my home.

Of course, this post touched a few nerves - that my girls really wanted to see/touch Grandma's and Wilshire's(my cat) ashes and to put them together for all eternity...and yes, I let them. I am not sure what caused more controversy - that we touched their ashes, remembered them fondly, and talked about life and death and love...or that part of my Grandma now resides with a cat. She hated cats - I mean, REALLY did not like cats. Especially my cat, because he would torment her when she came over. He was really, really mean and spiteful. Especially to people who didn't like him.

Anyway. Moving on.

As you may remember, my dear Papa died in April. My mom went up and helped to clean out my grandparents home of 55 years. When she came back to my house, besides a few small things she gave me of sentiment from them, she also gave me a box of canned goods from his pantry of items that I use. In this box of FOOD items, was a small baby bottle. NOT having a label on it NOR having anyone tell me what it was, I ASSUMED it was a FOOD item - my guess - cinnamon/sugar to be exact..and I put it in my spice cabinet to we love cinnamon/sugar toast in our home.
Fast forward to July - I am at my parents home and low and behold there is a small baby bottle on a shelf in my mom's bedroom - ironically just like my baby bottle of cinnamon/sugar that is in my spice cabinet at home. How strange. As I stood staring at this bottle, my mom comes in the room and says "oh, I have been meaning to ask you, did you find the baby bottle of GRANDPA's ASHES in your box of canned goods?"
"Oh, yes mom we did and we would have been enjoying him ON OUR TOAST had someone requested cinnamon toast for breakfast in the past 2 months. Thank goodness NO ONE has!!!!!"

Upon our arrival home, my first order of business was to remove my Papa from my spice cabinet and put him with Grandma..and the cat.

xoxo, t


Aunt Sandy said...

Too Too funny (sorry)

Kristi Pohl said...

crying, laughing, that is the funniest thing I have heard in ages. a BABY BOTTLE??? At least it didn't end up on toast, that would have been hilarious, in a morbid sort of way....

Amanda M. said...

I really, really think you need to write a book. :)

Heather said... LOL! i'm sorry this is too funny!

but oh my gosh what if someone wanted cinnamon toast? eek! the what if's are flooding my mind. oh dear. OH DEAR!

i'm going to be laughing and having heebie jeebie shivers all day long!

Melanie said...

Oh, I'm SO glad that you blog! This is the most hilarious & crazy thing I have heard all day & I've been at a camp around 500 kids! Thanks for sharing & whew, good thing no one requested Cinnamon Toast!

Anonymous said...

OMG Tracy...I'm surprised w/how much you probably chuckle writing this that you haven't popped that baby out...or maybe this DID send you in to labor???? Will check back tomorrow :)

hopefaithlove said...

OMG! I am so glad you did not eat your grandpop

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