Saturday, April 25, 2009

Appreciating their Differences...

Sometimes I wonder how two sisters can be so different. Different hair, eyes, bodies, faces, teeth, eating preferences, temperament, likes, dislikes, moods...

Sometimes these differences lead to comparisons that are so hard to avoid, but necessary for a mom to avoid. Every one is an individual and shouldn't be compared to others. Every one should be appreciated for who they are.

Sometimes I have a hard time doing that - and I only have 2 kids - think of the differences to appreciate with 6 or even more.

If I can have a bad mommy moment for just "once" and compare my children on one point....

Esther had her kindergarten screening this week. Oh my - good thing Eloise wasn't there, she would've been so angry at her. I just sat and tried to stifle my giggles. When Eloise took this "test" 2 years ago, she aced it - 48/48 and was so proud. Eloise is a pleaser - she does EXACTLY what the teacher says and pretty much what we say. We don't even think about discipline or consequences, or even planned positive reinforcements with Eloise. She is just a good kid and likes rules, schedules, expectations and wants to please you and others. Eloise has a hard time with the fact that Esther just doesn't care that much about pleasing others. She is in it more for herself.

Esther missed the first 6 questions on her kindergarten readiness test - on purpose.

Question 1.
Teacher: "Esther - here are 6 orange blocks - I have 6 orange blocks and have built a tower - can you build a tower that looks just like mine?"
Esther builds her tower.
Teacher: "Does your tower look like mine?"
Esther: "No"
Teacher"Do you want to try again?"
Esther "No, mine looks much better than yours, why would I want my tower to look like that?"

Questions 2.
Teacher: "Esther - here are 6 blocks - 2 black, 2 white and 2 orange - and I will put them in a pattern, can you copy my pattern with your 6 blocks of the same colors"
Esther makes her pattern
Teacher: "Does your pattern look like mine?"
Esther: "No"
Teacher "Do you want to try again?"
Esther "No, I didn't want to do black, white, orange, black, white, orange - I think it looks better black, black, white, white, orange, orange so I am keeping it this way."

Question 3.
Teacher: "Esther can you draw this letter "E" to look like the letter "E" above it"
Esther draws the letter "E"
Teacher: " Is that the letter "E"?"
Esther: "No, it's the letter "F" - I can make an "E" - I just would rather make "F's" today as I make E's everyday since my name has 2 of them."

...and it went on like this for the next several I silently wondered if they would let her in to school... ;)

Many times during the school year - when we drop Eloise off, Sister Sara will always make a point to say hi to Esther and tell her how excited she is for when Esther is in her classroom soon. Esther always boldly says back to her "no, I don't think you will be my teacher, I would rather have Mrs. Lange" as she turns and walks away from her. Sister Sara is probably secretly very very happy about that.

xoxo, t


Jaci said...

I think they should have given her double points for being an independent thinker!

Maybe it's a 2nd child first is very much a rule-following, wants to please, rarely needs disciplined child. My 2nd....well, if I get gray hairs in my 30s it will be because of him.

houseofestrogen said...

Love it!!! That is SOOOOO second child!! That's exactly what my second girl would have done too!! :)

Melanie said...

I love it! Probably because I can relate! They really each come out of the same cooker SO different. It is truly amazing & wonderful & frustrating & challenging all at the same time.

Jenn said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!! Love it!

Amanda M. said...

That is HILARIOUS! What awesome little girls you have!!!!

Aunt Sandy said...

I enjoyed this VERY much! And as I look at Jayden I believe she has the same personality. But to be so outspoken at such a young age - my my

Michelle said...

can't. stop. laughing!

Oh my, she's clearly a smart one. I love her independent spirit.

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