Monday, April 20, 2009

Cat for Sale...

Domestic, abandoned, neutered(once Male) short hair, mutt-breed

Goes by the name Donut - but I don't think he would care if you changed it

All shots up to date - $2500 for broken leg paid in full at Vet


Wakes you up every morning at 4am screaming loudly to be fed - and continues to scream even after fed.

Favorite place to lounge is on the dining room table - even when you have thrown him off 3 million times, squirted water on him, threatened his life and shot jelly beans at him - he gets right back up and then I think he gives you the finger(if he had them).

Chases cars, dogs, other cats and any other animal or thing he can find - just to be their friend.

Overly friendly and overly stupid.

Able to climb the tallest trees in the neighborhood - and 4 story buildings and loves watching Jed get the big ladder out for him.(ladder included with purchase of cat)

Lays in the middle of the street

Can unlatch most home windows to escape and then crawls in neighbors windows and wakes them up at 5am.

Hangs from the furnace chimney swaying on it until it breaks away from the vent - causing said furnace to vent into house and start possible furnace on fire - causing Carbon Monoxide to fill the house - causing our alarm to scream "WARNING FIRE FIRE FIRE WARNING CARBON MONOXIDE LEAK CARBON MONOXIDE LEAK EMERGENCY EVACUATE NOW FIRE FIRE FIRE - STUPID CAT STUPID CAT" at 5am. Causing 7 emergency crews to WAKE UP the entire neighborhood. When we evacuated the house, I think I noticed him trotting happily to freedom with a damn smile on his face like his whole escape plan worked. Or perhaps he is trying to kill us - as I have noticed 2 kitchen knives missing this week.

Did I mention he is very friendly and cute?

FREE to a good and well-adjusted home.



Ginny said...

REALLY anxious to see if you have any takers! Your marketing skills haven't lost the touch! THANK GOD for alarms that work!

Anonymous said...

Having had one of the saddest days of my life today, today's entry had me rolling in laughter. Thank you for the pick me up. Jill R

Melanie said...

Tracy, so glad you are all okay! Was so worried when I saw your status on FB. Had to laugh out loud though regarding your cat! Can totally relate to the screaming at you at 4am and all of the rest of the day, too! Our cat's food is in our bathroom on the far side of the garden tub (the only place our big dog can't get to it)...and anytime anyone goes near the bathroom (or these days anywhere at all) he starts running & screaming "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!" I am sure that is what he is saying! And I'm sure we would be getting the finger, too, if he had them of course! You guys take care & praying that the rest of your week is less eventful! Nice & quiet, even.

Kristi Pohl said...

"dude-you need to mellow if you want your people to keep you, as clearly they are looking for a new home for you. go back into lovable mode, and curl up in their laps when they look like they need a hug. once you have established your new reputation, you can get back to your adventures. the chimney trick rocks! I am too old to try it anymore, but I do give my people the finger all the time, especially when they leave me alone for a whole week."....claude

Amanda M. said...

We have the very same cat already. They must have been separated at birth. I feel your pain. ;)

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