Saturday, April 4, 2009


I haven't really started buying goodies for baby yet. I admit I am a bit superstitious. With my recent history of losses, I still walk on eggshells every moment that I carry this baby. It's a feeling of worry that is hard to explain.

Shopping for her should take my mind off things, but I can't just yet.

Last week Esther came to me and told me she wanted to buy a blanket for the baby. I thought hard and decided that one tiny little blanket shouldn't hurt. It would bring Esther some joy..and maybe me too.

When Eloise was born, I bought her the softest pink blanket I could find. It was from Little Giraffe. She loved it...and still does. When Esther was born, I bought her the softest purple blanket from Little Giraffe. She loved it..and still does.

Tradition called me to drive Esther to the little boutique on the other side of town. We knelt in front of the Little Giraffe blanket display and touched the luxury and admired the colors - yellow, white, blue, green, purple, pink, brown....

Esther said we must choose the Magenta one for the baby as it was the prettiest and brightest. She then rubbed it all over her face the whole way home was squeals of delight caused by it's softness.

I am glad she made me buy something. I have been sleeping with the Magenta Little Giraffe nightly while I pray for this babys' safe and healthy entry into this world. My heart may be heavy, but my mind is a little lighter thinking of this new little miracle coming soon to our family.



Michelle said...

you made me cry. I'm praying for your sweet baby(and her OLD momma) too. xoxo, m

Afrocentric Mocha said...

So sweet!!!

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