Thursday, April 30, 2009

In case you were wondering....

...yes, of course the girls and I are watching American Idol these season. Duh.

I mean, I wasn't going to talk about it - as I am much older and wiser now, I do spend most of my T.V. time tuned into Masterpiece Theater and Antiques Roadshow...but it's good to have a few guilty pleasures... Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, Rachel Ray, The Amazing Race, Countdown with my hot buddy Keith, and of course American Idol. It is when I start making this list that I am very grateful that we do not have I know I would be sucked into Project Runway and probably Big Love too. whew. I love being wholesome and none the wiser of cable television.

Last season, I blogged about my obsession with David Cook and Esther's obsession with David "enchilada". We don't have a clear favorite this year - and it's down to 4...what to do?

Esther pretty much hates everyone. Eloise calls her "Simon" because as each contestant ends their songs, Esther yells "that was awful - I don't like them."

So here is our current opinion of the top 4:

Kris - our dreamy boy next-door contestant - cute, hot, sexy with a voice and eyes that, well, oh my...does he deserve to win..perhaps...but we just enjoy looking at him. He can sing for as long as he likes - or just standing there is fine too - for a long time.

Danny - he was our first favorite..but now his teeth bug me. Call me shallow, but they really really bug me and most people can't sing with their mouths closed. sorry.

Adam. Oh Adam. I have to admit I have a bit of a thang for him too, but mainly just because of the eyeliner. I have a thing for guys in eyeliner dating back to Boy George in 1982. I am seeking counseling for my obsession. I really have no idea how he sings or performs - but I have heard he is good - I just can't get past obsessing about his eyeliner. Sorry.

Alison. Even with my closet lesbian tendencies and obsession over my Gwen, Alison doesn't do it for me. Every song sounds the same. Sorry. Esther really likes her hair though. I think Esther will have pink hair when she is 16 - and probably a pierced nose too. Don't tell Jed though as I know he will go into cardiac arrest.

Anyone else watching this season? Am I boring you yet? Hello, anyone out there, anyone care?


Jil R said...

Well thank goodness for SOMEBODY that is watching AI, I was just looking around the forums for a thread going on this topic. I haven't watched it since they gray haired guy won a few seasons ago so I am enjoying watching it again., I think Adam should win followed by the boy next door as first runner-up.

I wish the judges didn't all gush least they have Simon who will tell it like it is.

I thought we were the only people in the world without cable? We finally caved and got a dish last January since we hated the conversion box and couldn't see replacing our 2 year old non-digital flat screen TV. I am not in love with it.

Kristi Pohl said...

I am pretty sure Esther will have pink hair long before she is 16...the only shows I watch on cable are Saving Grace, The Closer, and an occasional Food Network show-so you aren't missing much!

AFC said...

I love the boy next door.... I love listening to him sing. Adam is too theatrical and Danny seems too old..although he is younger than I am. Alison has a good voice, but doesn't appeal to me.. And by the would get sucked into Big Love..the best show on cable TV!

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