Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rightly Superstitious or just plain stupid?

I got caught this week. By my doctor. I lied and he caught me. Good doctor...bad patient.

I had a blood draw this week - my hemoglobin was at 8.2. Quite anemic. Pretty soon, the lab tech called the nurse, who called the resident, who called the doctor. Pretty soon, there I was, still in the lab chair, bright lights shining down on me as this group crowded around me asking questions. Sweat ran down my face as I tried to plan my getaway.

The big question..."You ARE taking your prenatal vitamin daily aren't you...well aren't you...well aren't you TRACY...ARE YOU taking your prenatal vitamin, your chart says you ARE, but you really AREN'T, right Tracy????"

Who would think that one lousy little pill would cause such a commotion and fuel so much fire in ones belief.

Truth is - I am NOT taking a prenatal vitamin, and I WON'T take a prenatal vitamin and YOU cannot make me! So there, Doctor "know-it-all!!!"

Okay, now you are thinking of me as some kind of idiot for not taking a prenatal vitamin...but here is my story....

When I was pregnant with Eloise, I lived in Amsterdam, only saw a midwife, never a doctor, and the mention of a prenatal vitamin never came up during my whole prenatal course of care. Healthy, albeit small and early baby came.

When I got pregnant with Esther, I lived in Minnesota and on my first ob/gyn visit my doctor asked "are you taking a prenatal vitamin?" I asked what the hell that was? She told me and I just never got to the store to purchase said vitamin. Healthy, happy baby came.

We decided to have baby number 3 and through pressure of friends and my doctor I started taking a prenatal vitamin before we even got pregnant. During the next 2 1/2 years I took a prenatal vitamin daily and lost numerous babies during this time.

This past August during my "last" visit with my fertility specialist, I was told that it would be impossible for me to have a baby with my eggs. Egg donation or adoption was the only hope for us for baby #3. When I returned home from that visit, the first thing I did was toss the half full bottle of prenatal vitamins in the garbage. Two months later I was pregnant - and still am 7 months later with currently a healthy and happy and seemingly impossible pregnancy. ..and for the record, I am still NOT taking a prenatal vitamin.

Now I KNOW perhaps the 2 have nothing to do with each other - but at this point, there is no way in hell I am taking a prenatal vitamin. You can yell at me all you want. At this point you can even call me just plain stupid, as I am standing my ground as rightly superstitious.

What do you think?


houseofestrogen said...

Oh I would totally stick with your superstition!!! Maybe you can just take an iron supplement to deal with the iron issue? Or eat boatloads of spinach? But I'd be like you.. stick with that superstitious vibe!

Jill R said...

Liver Pate anyone? For the record, I never took my vites stomach couldn't handle them....we had 3 healthy babies too.

Heather said...

it's working! no vitamins here...nutrients are best gained by food.

Kristi Pohl said...

Good thing you don't have a black cat...

Melanie said...

i was not able to take mine either, and my kids are *relatively* normal.

you could probably get the same amount of vitamins from fruits, veggies and some fortified breads & cereals.

Amanda M. said...

Eat a bowl of Total every morning and call it a day. :) I think you're just fine!

Tina said...

I think fruits & veggies will do well! From your post...I wouldn't take them either! ;0)
Now if the low iron starts to give you issues...I'd seek out an iron supplement. I am anemic NOT preggo & did not know it til 12 weeks ago. Let me tell you how WONDERFUL I feel after about 2 weeks on iron therapy! :0)

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