Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It was almost like stealing...

...but I don't feel guilty at all.

I popped in my favorite consignment shop last week. Just browsing. Something red and shiny caught my eye at the back of the store. Red Cowgirl boots. As I, the crazed and professional shopper pregnant lady, ran past the handbags, skirt and couture blouses, taking out only 1-2 people on the way, I started to sweat as I thought.

"Could they be my size? Are those Lucchese? I must own them. Please let them be in my price range."

Upon reaching them my breath quickened as I looked and YES, they were 1883 Lucchese. YES, they were ladies size 8.5. YES they were oh just so gently used and perfectly broken in. I decided to try them on before checking the price. They slipped on like butter. I was in love, they had me at "hello hot pregnant lady - you really need a pair of red boots."

Most importantly, YES, they were marked at $39. Holy under priced red boots, batman. You all are coming home to Mama. Who even knew I needed a pair of Red 1883 Lucchese cowgirl boots?

I put them on last weekend with my too short daisy duke cut-off jean shorts, my bikini top, my huge belly sticking out. Put up the blow-up pool for the kids in the backyard so they could swim nekid and sat on my 1967 woven lawn chair.

They are life changing.

Aw, life is good.
xoxo, t


Kristi Pohl said...

Please post photos of you in that outfit-you will get a lot more readers...and I am sending you a National Enquirer to read while you are in that outfit, in your backyard, and a case of Grain Belt beer (in cans, of course).

Melanie said...

um, yeah, we're gonna need some photographic evidence of your little pool party. just for your file.

Jaci said...

Um, yeah....we need a pic of that outfit.

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