Saturday, May 30, 2009

Before and After...

First day of Kindergarten. A little scared, unsure, not ready to feel Sister Sara's full embrace.
Last day of Kindergarten. Full of confidence, love and a year of incredible learning. I love that she is touching Sr. Sara's hand with both of her hands. This picture was taken in the morning when I dropped her off.

I didn't get a picture at pick-up, as I had a sobbing, and I mean sobbing child running into my arms. After sobbing uncontrollably for quite some time. Sister Sara came back over and picked her up and just held her as she sobbed and I heard her whispering sweet words to her..."Eloise, I love you so much, you are an amazing girl and this isn't goodbye. I will see you next week for some stories and I hope I see you next year. I hope you will be my friend forever."

That is a guarantee, Sister Sara. You have sure made a lifetime friendship.

I know we couldn't have asked for a better Kindergarten teacher.


Amanda M. said...

Even though it was so hard for your Eloise on that last day, what an amazing and wonderful Kindergarten experience for her.
I had the best Kindergarten teacher, too, and I think it just starts life in school off right!

Melanie said...

I love Eloise's smile in the last day picture! What an amazing girl you have there & I'm so glad she had such a wonderful year in K! 1st grade is going to be great!!

houseofestrogen said...

I love those pictures!! What a difference in her smile and body language... so neat!

Anonymous said...

SO GOOD YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF BEFORE AND AFTER. MY YEAR OF kINDERGARTEN WAS GREAT ALSO. As long ago as it was I still remember it well. Eloise is lucky to have had such a great start.Hope her continuing years are as wonderful.
Happy summer

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