Friday, May 22, 2009

Good to see her...

I received a nice note yesterday saying that it was nice to see Eloise on my blog. Turns out I have been neglecting her by not showing her smiling mug as often as Esther's.

I hope everyone knows that I don't show pictures of Esther more than Eloise because I love her more. I just can't seem to shake her. Every time I turn around BOOM, there Esther is, seemingly attached to my leg, except for the 7.5 hours she spends at preschool every week. That is when I lie down in the middle of the living room and do "wood floor" snow angels just enjoying my space a bit and trying to get the word..."mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom..." out of my mind for a brief period. ..and then she is there again.

So since Esther is around, I use her and take pictures of her. She hates it, but tough.

Eloise is gone to school all day, every day, and when she is home, I receive dirty looks when my camera comes out and sentences thrown at me like "MOM, that is like so not cool, you are embarrassing me, I hope my friends don't see me." She is 6.

I still love her though, equally.

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jill R said...

I know how that is...I love my little guy to pieces but he HATES the camera. It's not worth the fight to take pictures of him (especially when I have willing models) and I do worry that people that I share photos with will think I don't love him equally, because I do. Just think when you have your baby...she will be great photographic material for a LONG time, muhahahahaha

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