Friday, May 8, 2009

The Guessing Jar..

We were honored to receive the empty Kindergarten guessing jar this week. Every week a kinder has to fill it for the class to estimate the quantity of it's contents to win a prize.

The whole ride home from school, my mind was racing with ideas of what we could put in the jar that would be both original and hard to guess.
My first and most brilliant idea was condoms. My very immature, fully juvenile, anti-authority mind thought "condoms" - brilliant. It's a Catholic school and they are kindergartners. That would be so flipping funny. I giggled to myself as we drove home. Where do I come up with this stuff? I am such a great mom. I bet I would be the only mom in the history of Catholic education to bring a jar of condoms into the school. But I am also the mom who keeps drawing mustaches on the people on the "walk for life" posters blanketing the hallways.

Eloise trumped me and we went with socks instead. Clean socks. Really.

I actually am pretty sure that no one else brought socks in the guessing jar this year either, so it was still an acceptable solution..albeit not as ironic and funny.

Can you guess how many socks are in there?

First person to guess the exact amount by noon central time on Sunday(mother's day) wins a $10 gift card to Starbucks...just my little Mother's Day treat to you.

Thanks for playing!

xoxo, t.


Melanie said...

um, 17.

lol @ the condom thing. i know someone who needs some, btw.

Anonymous said...

18. Please let me be right. I really need that Starbuck's card!!! :) You know... since I'm trying to drop caffeine and all! ;)

Kimberly Thomas said...

No idea, but what a cute idea! 23?

Ginny said...

I'm guessing 60.
PaPa says 71

Anna said...

Cute! I'll guess 27. :)

Kristi Pohl said...

only you would have enough socks to fill a jar and still have enough clean ones for the girls to wear. I love that donut is guarding it-or just trying to escape again? I am going out there on a limb and saying 47.

and the condoms would have been hysterical, but not worth Eloise getting expelled...

katie w said...

Hummm...too fun! We have not had the guessing jar yet. I guess 46. I would say 45, but I don't think Eloise would leave a sock without it's mate :)

jill R said...

I am going to say, is this like The Price is Right...the first contestant to guess correctly without going over wins???

If you need anymore socks for that jar, I have about 20 singletons to send you. WHERE do those sock mates wander off to? That's the question I would like answered.

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