Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glitz and Glam...

Sick of seeing Eloise yet...of course not.
Eloise's Spanish teacher and few 8th grade girls, hosted 20 Kinders and 1st graders to a "Glitz and Glam" luncheon and party yesterday.

Now, you know me - I am the non-wearer of make-up, non-painter of nails and sometimes even the non-comber of to be excited about a party that is going to Glitz and Glam you at 6 years old is not a familiar alley for me to be up...but Eloise seemed over the moon excited. And hey, if it gives her something to do for 2 hours while I shop on-line and eat bonbons, I think we should have a Glitz and Glam event weekly.

The girls were treated for a fancy lunch at a fancy house, received complete make-overs, nail polish, lip gloss, crowns and perfume. They did princess crafts and even received a "princess license" to be exempt from any duties not-princess worthy for a day. Yeah, I think I am going to need to trump that one.

Eloise spent the rest of the day applying her lip gloss and smacking her lips. At bedtime she asked if I had any eyeshadow she could borrow. I told her yes, brown. With a frown she asked if by chance I had any pink with glitter in it. No sweetie, I retired all of my hooker make-up when I had kids.


..oh, and go wish my dear friend Kristi a Happy Birthday today!


Melanie said...

LOL on the hooker make-up! You are a hoot!
And I thought of you when I painted Sophie's nails today...I even did pretty dot flowers on her big toes! And I even painted my own toe nails...first time in almost a year, I'm sure!
Have a great weekend!

Ginny said...

What a fun time! Darling idea and she looks so happy with all of her friends.

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