Monday, May 4, 2009

No mine is better...

I caught the girls looking in the mirror yesterday, primping their hair, rubbing their cheeks, fixing their bows, looking at their teeth. Remember these are 2 girls from a mom that doesn't wear make-up, do her hair and spends exactly 4.2 minutes getting ready in the morning.
Eloise: "Esther, my lips are ruby red - look how beautiful they are. I get asked many times a day if I wear lipstick. I won't ever have to wear lipstick because they are so red. You don't have beautiful lips like mine."

Esther: "Well, my lips are pink, and Sister Sara's favorite color is pink, so MINE are better and SHE will like me better, so there!"

I love watching my girls converse. Most of the time I try to stay far enough away so I cannot hear their private conversations.
I hope when they are teenagers they continue to confide in one another. It's so nice to have a lifelong best friend.

xoxo, t.


jill R said...

YES...yes, yes...your true BFF is your sister. I came from a family of 3 girls, so I can attest. When we were expecting child #2, I PRAYED it was a girl so my DD would be blessed with a sister. Well, that was not to be (thankfully, LOL), as we had a little boy so at 39 I did ONE round of fertility treatments to try for a sister for my DD and VIOLA, we had Ava! Your girls are SO lucky to have sisters, so lucky.

hopefaithlove said...

Aw how cute... I pray my girls will be close... My sister and I can close but not BFF close. She drives me nuts sometimes. I hope for the opposite for my girls.

Heather said...

sweethearts! yep as an only child i decided that i would have to have at least 2. they turned out to be both girls, close in age and, and, and constantly bickering. LOL! but deep down they do love each other and i hope that will grow with age.

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