Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night, my dreams were filled with rhubarb. I was planting it, picking it, dipping it directly into my dixie cup of sugar while standing in the hot Summer sun green grass...just like when I was a kid.
I was cleaning it, dicing it and baking with it all night. This morning, I must have rhubarb. Is it ready yet?
Some people view rhubarb as almost a weed. At our old home, we had TONS of it - 8 huge plants for the taking and baking. None of it went to waste.
In the 4 years of living in our new home, I have yet to plant a new rhubarb plant. I pay too much at stores or farmer's markets or beg, borrow and steal from friend and neighbors.
Does anyone have a spare rhubarb plant they want to come plant for me this year?(you know I don't do worms and can't plant it myself.)
Talk about pregnancy cravings...I am going off the deep end today with my quest for rhubarb.


Melanie said...

I do love a good rhubarb pie! My parents used to make them & I remember one time a friend of my brother's was over & he asked, "What is that, celery pie?" LOL!

Ginny said...

Ummm fresh rhubarb with either sugar or salt - yummy. Our neighbor just picked there's and I wanted to ask if I could have some - but didn't, then the next day saw they just left it there!

Jill R said...

Babe, why didn't you say something sooner? We have wonderful heirloom MN hearty rhubarb plants YEARNING to be divided! Beautiful red rhubarb with thick juicy stalks. I will bring a couple of chunks when I come to your MJ fall show (wink wink) and will plant them for you. Find the perfect spot, kill the grass and make Jed till it up so it's ready to go, I'll do the rest and maybe a year from now you'll have enough rhubarb for dipping if nothing else.

Tracy said...

Jill - you are ON. I will see in the Fall with rhubarb plants in hand!!! xoxo!

houseofestrogen said...

Thought of you a couple nights ago... went out to Palamino in Indy (YUM!), and got strawberry/rhubarb cobbler for dessert. It was DIVINE!!! Was thinking of you while I devoured it! ;)

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