Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idle Hands... too much shopping. bad, bad girl!

I either need to buy more hangers, or quit shopping for their Summer I need activities to keep me busy, that allow some creativity, and also fulfill my strange nesting requirements that I am yearning for at 7 months pregnant.
Last week, I took(copied) the tag from the Room Seven clothing brand, and made pictures for the girls walls to match their new bedding.
The great thing about this project:
-it involved fabric - so it was like playing with clothing, but not really, but I could close my eyes and pretend
-it involved fabric from my stash - have you seen my stash lately? Frightening. It's fun to USE it, not just look at. Note to self. I am not a fabric store, I am a sewing hobbyist.
-it involved using art canvas that I already owned - given to me by Kristi 2 years ago and collecting dust in my attic.
-the girls LOVED their Room Seven likenesses so much that they now want dresses like them...thus using more of my stash hopefully.
The pictures are about 2 1/2 feet tall and I am gloating a bit that I actually did something artistic. Problem is, now I am obsessing about buying this outfit for the girls to match their damn walls.

Counseling, I need counseling.


Melanie said...

This is ADORABLE! I love the idea & you know I love to use canvasses for collage projects like that. Those are going to look SO beautiful in their rooms! We need pictures in the room, too! Great job & way to satisfy those creative, nesting urges!! (And I know I typed this comment with way too many !!!s, sorry!)

Kristi Pohl said...


houseofestrogen said...

You know they DEFINITELY need the matching outfits to match their gorgeous wall hangings!!!

Ginny said...

OMG - you are becoming so tallented! Of course they need matching outfits! Why would you even think you needed counseling???

Michelle said...

you totally crack me up. but I am oh-so silly in the same way...

And the wall hangings! GORGEOUS!

Amanda M. said...

OMG! That is SUCH a cool idea. I cannot even begin to tell you just how awesome the pics are.
I say since they turned out so darn cool, well, you deserve to buy those outfits for the girls. :)

pinkebody said...

OMG, those are too cute!!

I see an etsy shop in your future ;-)

Heather said...

LOVE them! see that's the kinda stuff i want to make and i've got the fabric that needs to be handled not just looked at too!

ok compromise, make the girls dresses. but you simply must get those outfits as well. the detailing on the skirt makes me squeal a little. so darling! do they come in all THREE sizes you'll need?

Tracy said...

Well, since I made Heather squeal, I did buy the outfits for both such luck(thank goodness) on a newborn size though. Glad I could scratch that off of my to do list

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