Monday, May 25, 2009

30 weeks


One word to describe this pregnancy.


After the troubles we have had trying to have a 3rd baby, all I can do is savor this time.

Knowing it is my last time being pregnant...ever. I will just savor each moment.

I feel so lucky and blessed.

Believe me, I am not one of those ladies who thinks that my pregnant body is beautiful and I just glow and all is good in the world because I am pregnant.

But no matter, I am savoring the weight, savoring the heartburn, savoring the nightly leg cramps that keep me up ALL night. Savoring the gas, savoring the intense need for a nap all day, savoring the time it will take me to run off the weight after baby.

Savoring the girls' awe as they rub my belly and wait to feel a baby kick. Savoring their intense anticipation to meet their sister in about 8 weeks.

I am not a lucky person...I have never won a contest or had my name drawn for a prize. I have never won in Vegas, or even the school cakewalk for that matter.

Gladly now, I have traded in that 40 years of bad luck, oh and I will trade in my 40 more as I realize this lottery that I have won.

I am forever lucky now with this precious gift that I am savoring.



Heather said...

so so sweet! and yes savor every moment! with my first, i was a bit sad when she was born. i mean she was healthy, beautiful...just precious. but then i had to share her. and yes i kinda missed the days of having her all to myself. especially when she got hiccups!

i think my baby days are over, but i would love to just experience it one more time...and savor it!

jill R said...

Savor and remember, I loved feeling their little bodies moving inside mine...that is what I missed the most once they were born. Savor and remember.

Melanie said...

well, i think you're glowing just a little in that picture. i wish i had known my last pregnancy would have been my LAST pregnancy and savored the projectile vomit just a little more....

this post makes me smile--i am very happy for you!

Kristi Pohl said...

Sometimes things that come with a struggle are that much sweeter-I am so happy for you, and yes, you do glow!

Afrocentric Mocha said...

What a beautiful post...I am SAVORING this moment w/you my friend...I'm so happy for you...Love ya girl!!! ROX

kari said...

you are so darling my sweet friend. I miss you, and need to see you before that baby comes out and life gets more hectic.
Drink it in....they are such sweet times. xxxoooo, kari

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