Monday, June 2, 2008

Do you go to Duluth?, but I do go beep beep!

We visited some family last weekend. I thought since you might be getting bored of seeing my kids...that I would share a few pictures of some other peoples kids...yes, they are very cute too, so I will share the spotlight.

Just a sampling of some of my crazy cousins...

The Posse

Howdy Partner!

Could you be any cuter?

..yeah, he looks like trouble...I see your gun, dude!

Look at this sweet girl...the one on your left, I mean..

What we are looking forward to in 10 years..this is my 15 year old cousin..she rocks...she makes me love teenagers...and look, she gives free hugs!

..oh, how did these cute kids get in this post...sorry, since they were wearing Matilda Jane, I just couldn't help myself...

..frog practice...


Aunt Sandy said...

These are great - thanks for publishing some pictures. It was a good time as always to get together with family sorry some had to miss it.

AS said...

Oh Look!!! it worked, I published yesterday!
Cute pictures

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