Friday, June 13, 2008

A Perfectly Pleasant Picnic Party...

Good news..and no surprise, the dishes were a HUGE hit at the picnic last evening!

The best part of Summer, besides just being able to drink some wine on the back patio, is having picnics with running around, water fights, eating outside, staying up late.

The picnic was fabulous - but a bit sad, as it was a going away party for some friends. The group last night was our original ECFE group. We all met when our 1st babies were 1-2 months old...when we met as new parents,we were tired, scared, confused, happy, sad, tired(did I mention that already) and in desperate need for some friendship and time out of the house and some laughter. I still remember the day of the 1st class vividly. I had to go alone as Jed was out of town..and I hated the fact that the class was from 5-7 - prime crying hours for sweet, colicy was I going to survive this class, and these people would think that I was just the worst mom having a fussy baby for 2 hours. Turns out - I met my "people" there...all(well most..there was that Angelic Isabel...) their babies cried too and the parents, well, needed sleep too...we met, we laughed, we cried, we spilled out our hearts and of course, I got great exercise from bouncing Eloise for 2 hours straight...and we met some of our best friends. We still get together as a group several times a year and enjoy the company and friendships immensily.

Of the 10 original families, 3 have already moved away..and now it was time to say good-bye to a 4th. We will miss them dearly...but since they are moving to will be a nice place to visit for sure!

I hope this is just the 1st of many picnics to be had this Summer.

..and a post isn't a post without pictures...

Little Miss Sassyfrass bein' all that with her headband and necklace...

Little Miss I am not wearing my $&)(%&(&$@(&@ headband..and don't take my $#*&$@& picture...

..and Little Miss $@#&(#%&*(&& I am hungry and I like to go to bed by 7pm so I will be grouchy and cling to you for the whole party so you can't take any other pictures and chat with other people, or enjoy your wine like you really should..

The end.

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Melanie said...

very sweet.

were the recipes a huge hit?

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