Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I owe I owe I owe...

...off to get my ducks in a row...

So,(do I start every blog entry with the word 'so'..if 'so' - I promise to work on finding a new word for myself.) as I was vacumming, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, doing ebay, obsessing over Matilda Jane, coloring, chattin' on the phone, printing shipping labels, scooping cat poop..washing hands, looking at my new plants that are dying cuz I haven't planted them yet, wiping a butt, buying father's day cards/gifts, taking my girls out to lunch, and reading friends blogs, of course...I am making my obsessive lists in the back of my mind. At this point I am assuming that ALL women do this? Correct? I am not strange am I? We wake up with 585985 things on our "to do" lists everyday and go to bed thinking about all the things we can accomplish tomorrow? Do you think that men even think ahead to what reading material they are bringing into the bathroom with them? Doubt it.

Anyway, my lists this week have been about friends and family that I 'owe' things to. Please don't think of 'owe' as a bad, negative word. I actually think it's a very positive word as it means I am surrounded by loving people with whom I do things with and love dearly. I actually love to 'owe' someone...as it means that I will see them again soon! So(damn - that word haunts me...please give me a better transitional, moving on word...) this week, as another week has yet continued to pass me by - and instead of calling/emailing/seeing my friends...I got on some page on the 'puter and the next thing I know, I've fallen down the rabbit hole(thanks Kristi...it's my new fav phrase)...and then it's tomorrow and I never called my peeps.

This is a list of what I 'owe' right now...and this is me getting it done and making plans....I love you all dearly, and when I forgot to call...just know that I am busy thinking of you and so greatful to have such amazing friends.

Beth S.! You are #1 on my list - do you know how I love you? You and the fam need to come over for dinner! I can never find a night as Jed works all of the time..but let's make it work...please...what night next week????? I might even cook for you! Please say you will come over. I miss you guys!!! Gordy is welcome too.

Kari L-M! THANK YOU for having us over for dinner last week. I love watching our kids play so perfectly together! Please, let's do it again soon.

Alison S! Yes, we are holding your Little Einstien video hostage. We need to call you for a playdate and movie return time..lolol :-)

Sarah M! Playdate - Friday with Izzy???

Elizabeth! - Your sewing will be done this week...you will LOVE it girl!

Auntie Sandy - I need to mail you your pictures!!!!! I promise, this week.

Suzanne - coffee? tea? me?

Auntie Sue and Grandpa - Bday cards are finished...oh my goodness they are cute...you will love them!

Rachel! =-The check is in the Mail!

Jaci! - You just need to come up to MN soon for more woman on woman hugging! :-)

Melanie! - I started your bag...so cute, cute cute...I love your emails btw...I love you.

Kristi! - I just want to share a bottle of wine soon!

Mom? - I think we are good right now? :-)

Trevor! Happy Birthday sweetie! I have your card/present and your sweet Eloise is hand delivering it on our trip! xoxo, Auntie T.

Fairview Medical Center - yes, I owe you money, bite me.

..okay, that is it I think? I loved making this list..I love you all and also the others of you that I perhaps am up to date with(how is that for a horrible sentence..)...

xoxo, t.


Jaci said...

You crack me up, T! Now your obsessive list-making has my mind racing out-of-control and I have to log off here and go make my own "to do" list for today....

Kristi Pohl said...

now that is a great way to accomplish a lot all in one sitting, let's come up with a funky name for it-and may I steal it for my blog? and the wine? definitely sooner!

Aunt Sandy said...

your writing therapy seems to be going well......I LOVE it and it makes me smile almost every day! and yes I am waiting for those pictures but that's ok I did run them off on a funky printer just not the same

Beth said...

i'm number 1!!!

i'll call you since your list is pretty dang long.


kari said...

wow, I feel almost famous to be mentioned in your blog! We also enjoyed your company last week-it is never often enough. Need I tell you how my children felt as they chased your car down the block as you drove away? Let's do it again soon for sure!!!

Melanie said...

awe... i cannot wait to see the stuff you've made. i am absolutely in awe of anyone who sews!

and ya, i totally have list making ADD... sometimes to the point of never actually doing anything b/c i'm always figuring out what I have to do next.

Heather said...

ROFL! I can *SO* relate!

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