Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tracy Needs...

I took this idea from my blogging friend Heather

I typed in "Tracy needs" in Google search and came up with these responses. It was nice a have a fabulously good and uncontrollable laugh at my own expense...

Tracy needs a new home
Tracy needs a new dog home
Tracy needs to quit racing
Tracy needs new shoes(this is so true)
Tracy needs to pay more in taxes..(damn, they found me...)
Tracy needs more blog comments ...(well, ahem...this is very true)
Tracy needs more prayers (always welcome)
Tracy needs an additional water supply
Tracy needs to step off the soapbox(bite me)
Tracy needs her Starbucks in China (oh yeah, baby )
Tracy needs a new doctor(oh so true)
Tracy needs a new addiction(more are always welcome)
Tracy needs to go to bed.

...and my favorite..and Jed's favorite too..

Tracy needs to do more woman to woman hugging..


Heather said...

That's very cute!

hopefaithlove said...


Melanie said...


Jaci said...

Too funny! Let's see.....I'm helping out with the "more blog comments" and I can surely do the "more prayers" as well. Most I can't help with though, sorry! Remind me to give you a big hug next time I see you! ~ J

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