Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hoi Pascal...heel veel Bedankt voor de heel lekker Hagelslag!

Yummy treats from the Netherlands!!!! My dear friend, and old boss, from the Netherlands came to visit last week. Besides treating me to a scrumptious meal at one of my favorite restaurants...he also brought the girls some lekker(yummy) treats. Dutch kids are so lucky...they get chocolate sprinkles on their breakfast toast. As you can see, my girls thought that was a fantastic idea!

I do miss many things about living in The I always appreciate these small and thoughtful gifts from good friends.

Bedankt, Pascal..ik hou van je
(and as always...please excuse my very poor Dutch..)

Lekker Hagelslag(yummy sprinkles)

Served of course on our fine Ikea china..

"Really, chocolate for breakfast?"

.."oh yeah baby...bring on the chocolate sprinkles!"

We also decided that eating this while sitting on the couch and watching Curious George was a very bad idea. Now we have to eat it properly at the table to reduce the messy factor. Donut cat is still enjoying licking up all of the chocolate.



I had to laugh when I saw your title .. good job .. almost perfect ..
BUT I love seeing these treats .. I cannt wait for my mom to come over and bring me the same stuff .. hhmmm seeing this makes me hungry ..
For the toast with sprinkles; you have to put more butter on so the sprinkles will stick a bit in the butter.
I am jealous now; seeying the muntdrop makes me want to go back so

Kristi Pohl said...

I am so glad you are finally giving the girls chocolate, but can I have a translation on that title? My Dutch is non-existant...

ginny said...

Kristi I think it says "Hi Pascal have you had your beer today and thanks for the chocolate" Or at least we can all keep guess! Or maybe it's something about Pascal's shoes and his heels.

Tracy amazes me with all her talents - languages, sewing, selling, photography, parenting - oh my - way too numerous to mention

Tracy said...

Hey Pascal, huge thanks for the very yummy sprinkles! :-)

...and thanks Jolanda for the tips. I will use more butter next time.

Heather said...

YUM YUM YUM!!! Um yeah if I live in a country that had breakfast like that, I think I would miss it too!! SIGH this coming from the person that had a brownie for breakfast!! LOL

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