Friday, June 6, 2008

Some things never change.

Our Eloise is officially in Kindergarten! The school we will be attending does a great thing...they invite all of the incoming kindys to come to school for the last week of school. This way they get to know the school, the teachers and meet new friends to play with during the Summer. The teachers also get to know the kids, their abilities, who plays/works well with whom, and to help them determine which kids go in which classrooms.

After Eloise's initial 2 minutes of fear and tears going in on Monday...she has been one excited chick....almost running into the school, holding hands with new friends, and crying when we left yesterday as to why it has to she just wants to go there everyday now for the rest of her life. What a relief as a parent that I can easily just send her off in Fall knowing how much she loves it and knows it now.

I do have a complaint though. The families were invited to lunch at the cafeteria on the last day to celebrate, mingle with the other parents, and to experience "real" school and eat a school lunch. Okay, it's been some 25 years since I had entered an Elementary school cafeteria. Did you know that they are serving the SAME rectangle cardboard crusted pizzas they served 30 years ago? The SAME..shape, taste, same lunch lady serving it to me... AND it still comes with a yucky carton of milk and the same diced peas and carrots and stale bread stick and lightly browned iceberg lettuce with ranch as the only dressing choice. As I would've said when I was 12..."gag me with a spoon!" So Eloise, in her most brilliant way, says to me while we are attempting to eat our lunches and I am attempting to order a San Pellegrino Water with my meal instead of a carton of milk sans glass to properly drink it out of...."hey, mom, do you think I could bring my own lunch everyday, because as much as I like the school, I don't think I really like their food that much." Amen, sister - you got it!


Kristi Pohl said...

not only can she impress her classmates with her fabulous wardrobe, they will all be jealous of the amazing lunches you will whip up for her !

I am so glad she had a great week, that is such a wonderful idea! and you sure wouldn't find that in a public school...but they do have more salad dressing choices.

Aunt Sandy said...

as you were describing the food it did bring back the memories of how it looked and tasted - YUK
How great that she was able to get a feel for everything now instead of being so nervous on the first day.

Jaci said...

What a great idea of the school to do that! I love it! I don't blame her on the school lunch thing, it was totally "gag me with a spoon" and I plan to send Natalie with a packed lunch to Kindergarten this year, too.

Heather said...

That is too funny about the same cardboard pizza! Mackenzie can't stand school lunch so he brings his own everyday. He says "Mom I don't know how those kids eat that stuff" LOL So I totally agree with you!!!

Melanie said...


good idea, eloise.

i NEVER ate cafeteria food. EVER. except in college, and let's face it, i'm STILL trying to lose that weight.

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