Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It was a Grand Old Happy Day...

Our largest Street Fair in town was on Sunday. Hundreds of Thousands of People come each year to Grand Old Days. It happens 2 blocks for our house...so it is kind of a crazy day. It is my favorite day of the year...the official kick-off of Summer! It was the festivals 35th anniversary this year. There is something for everyone...the Parade, food, more food, and more food, beer tents, concerts, rides, entertainers, petting zoo, kiddies things, etc..and of course...amazing people watching.

It was an amazingly happy day...several things happened on this day, just simple things, that made the day "parentally" perfect.

1. Of course my girls were decked out in their Matilda Jane...and so was I...sorry to not get a picture of the 3 of us matching...but look at these cuties. The shirt says "I'm with the band.."

2. We went to the pony rides. For those of you who do not know Eloise well, she has lived most of her life is FEAR of all animals....cats, dogs, bunnies, mice, squirrels, zoo animals, farm animals...ALL animals. This past year though has been a huge turning point for her. We got a cat..which she just cried about as she was so scared of him...but now they are the best of friends. She also started walking the neighbors dog...so, when we got to the pony rides..she just got right up and rode him without me even being near her or helping her...with this HUGE smile on her face..and waving to everyone as she went by. Do other mom's cry when their kids ride a pony? I am thinking it is okay. Sorry no pictures...I was holding Esther on her pony, as knowing her, she would've tried to stand up and do some trick riding!

3. Eating lunch at the Festival. So, did I mention the festival had FOOD - thousands of choices..but no, this year I decided to turn into my mother and pack a picnic of PB&J, apples, crackers and granola bars..and we sat on the curb and watched the parade. I still can't believe I did that...when the $5 hot dogs were 10 steps away. The girls didn't seem to mind my "corniness" though.

4. We shook hands with our Senator...Jed was very jealous that he had to work and couldn't attend the festival with us. He loves Norm. I've had a very Republican kind of week...on Friday I ran into our Governor while running at 6am(he lives a few blocks from us) and I stopped to chat with him...and now 2 days later this guy comes right over and shakes my hand. I'm kind of getting the shakes as I usually don't swing that way.

5. We went to our favorite Dinner spot Sunday night...kids eat free ya know...yum yum yum..bar food...yum yum yum...THE best burgers in town I've heard(I don't eat red meat..so I can't confirm this) Anyway, every Sunday since before time began...the girls order corn dogs. Elly came over(the waitress) and asked my ladies what they wanted and Esther said..."I'd like a salad tonight with just lettuce, tomatoes and croutons and no dressing." She's three! She really is my daughter! I was so proud.

Thanks for letting me share our perfectly pleasant and Grand Old Happy Sunday!
xoxo, t


Kristi Pohl said...

a very republican week for you! maybe you and the gov could go running together on a regular basis, does he have security?

Melanie said...

i see john mccain in your future.

sounds like a great day! :)

Heather said...

OH that looks like so much fun! It also looks like it's getting really warm there! Great pictures Tracy!!!

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