Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Help Needed...and a Contest for you...

So (tada!)...We have a picnic potluck dinner on Thursday evening and I need help. Yes, I realize this is the understatement of the year...I need help gardening, cleaning, parenting, shipping, shopping(oh, wait, no, I have that one covered), putting away laundry, bill paying, sewing, medical help, psychiatric help, hair help, car washing help, gas pumping help...but I digress.

Today I need cooking help. Do you ever have those days, well weeks, and sometimes months, that your mind becomes such a mess of to do lists that you can't think straight. I am having one of those days..well weeks right now.

I need help today with a recipe for a dish to share at this potluck. There will be around 20-30 people(1/2 of those under 5 years old)...

The details/what is in it for you:
I need YOU to provide me with a recipe to make/bring..and I will blog about making it(with fancy photos) and if I chose your recipe, I will of course, steal it as my own...AND send you a $10 Starbucks Gift Card (or if you are in my hood- a bottle of wine if you prefer)

The further Nitty-Gritty:
- it should be a side dish or appetizer
- red meatless
- able to sit out on a picnic table for 2 hours(prefer non-hot foods)
- no onions(they scare me and the smell sickens me)
- perhaps edible by small children(but not required - I can just throw a hot dog at them and they seem happy)
- under 10 ingredients(the fewer the better - my attention span is short)
- easy (something that even I can make)
- cannot contain any cream soup products...hehehe
- is that enough..if I think of more I will add them later.

So(tada!) Send me your recipes TODAY by 10pm!!! The winner will be chosen by Noon on Thursday.

Thank you so much fine friends for helping this girl out of a bit of a jam!

(oh, and the picture of Esther has nothing to do with this post..I just thought it was cute, so feel free to look at it)


Beth said...

I'll be thinking of something for you. There's a lot of criteria... you are a bit picky!!No onions-sheesh!! :)


gypsygirl said...

I'm up for the challenge. The no onion thing might be a bit of a challenge. But I'll be back with a recipe...

Jaci said...

I just emailed you a recipe - I think it met all your requirements. And now I have to go make it for myself, yummy!

Stacey said...

I am emailing you one of my favorites! It does contain onion juice... found in the spice isle at the local grocery (comes in a brown bottle that looks like vanilla, so mark it well in your cabinet)!!!

Melanie said...

emailed you a secret family recipe!

Heather said...

Well I missed the contest but what a fun idea!! Also yes I have those weeks where my brain is a mess because I have so much to do it's scarey :( I am sort of having one of those weeks this week! I can not get motivated! Your sooo not alone!

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