Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Such a Jock...

So, Eloise started t-ball yesterday. She is on the Mets(whomever they are?). Anyway, her jersey is Orange. It isn't too bad really. Most other teams are blue. I don't like girls in blue...especially navy blue.
When her coach called, my first question to him was "what color are the tee's" - he said "tee's? - you mean jerseys?" Whatever. I just needed to know the color so I could buy shorts to coordinate. Not that it matters since the jerseys are made for 10 year olds and will cover any properly matched shorts you buy for your sweet girl. Geesh. I also needed to know if they were getting hats, so I knew how to do her hair for games.

Eloise and I went to Gymboree(shhh, I have been there on occasion to buy PLAY clothes), and we purchased a pair of embroidered denim shorts for $12.99. She has been begging me to wear them all month, but I told her denim shorts from Gymboree are for t-ball ONLY and she can find a nice Oilily or Matilda Jane sundress to wear in the meantime.
Turns out she could be just wearing her underwear since the "jersey" is so big. ..and you know what, Eloise is the TALLEST player on her team - you should see the gowns the short kids are sporting. It is a complete fashion nightmare out there. I tried to talk her into belting it like a tunic or tying a knot on the side, but she liked it gown style. Crazy kids.

I wonder if the league is looking for a fashion coordinator?

Speaking of fashion, I do have to say I am very impressed with our teams 1st base coach. Look at this cute little shift dress she is wearing with the gorgeous flats. I am assuming as Eloise was holding down 1st base, that this coach was admiring Eloise's Hello Kitty necklace. It pays to accessorize.
Oh, and yes, Eloise did bat and did actually hit the ball and she got 4 balls when she was in the field(with her cute little pink glove).

She is rocking the t-ball circuit this Summer. I love sports.


Andrea Hallett said...

LOL Tracy you crack me up! Is that you as the first base coach? Those are some big shirts, they could definitely benefit from a sparky belt to cinch it up. Or maybe she should take he hem and loop it up through the neck opening like we used to do back in the 80's? That may not be appropriate for sports though.

Melanie said...

LOL Andrea, I totally had forgotten about the "shirt-tail through the neck" halter top...I may have to try that this summer! But I agree, it's probably not appropriate for sports.
Way to go Eloise, I love her look of concentration in that last photo! So cute! Have a fun season!!

AFC said...

We are also doing T-Ball. We are the Bees..which is ironic considering my daughter is allergic to bees. Happy Tball season to you!

Tracy said...

Oh Andrea - if my legs were that shade of white, I wouldn't be caught dead in a short shift dress. ..and I am totally going to convince her to do the halter thing next week.

Kristi Pohl said...

This could be a whole new career for you - I suggest you contact the leagues and get started on designing the fall soccer jerseys right now. The optional accessory line could be a whole new financial windfall for you!

amy said...

Hey Tracy- My friend Ron at work loves your blog..he reads it with me everyday..He is a hunter and wants to know how to coordinate his hunting wardorbe....he has to include blaze orange with it. He thinks that you should write a book. You are so funny:) Love, Amy

Stacey said...

Our girl t-ballers wear a knot at the back of their t-shirts & rather than a hat, they sport a visor and polka dot (orange/navy) knee socks (Funky fashionable)... Miss Olivia is fired up and ready to play... However she missed the age cut off this year...
Joe on the other hand is playing in two baseball leagues and just made the allstar team... talk about uniform hell! UGH.

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