Monday, October 19, 2009


I am jumping for joy that the 4 day weekend is over.

We had MEA this past week, so the girls were off Thursday and Friday. I have no idea what MEA means, and I am too lazy to Google it. But they were home. Nuff said.

It was a looonnnggg 4 day weekend. I was alone, it was cold and rainy and being now afraid of all things H1N1 I didn't want to go do inside fun things and it was too cold and rainy for outside fun things. We sat in the house and watched movies, read, did art projects, cleaned the house and mainly listened to Astrid scream.

At one point during her screaming I was very calming saying to her "stop, just please stop, really just please stop" as tears ran down my face.

Eloise told me that was a silly thing to say as Astrid is too young to understand. Touche.

Calgon take me away.

It was then that I remembered what my luxuries were 8 years ago.
-wine with girlfriends
-weekends in Paris
-expensive dinners
-wearing heals

..and what my luxuries are now - and how I was wishing for just one of them this weekend.
-pooping with the door closed and by myself
-having time to shave my legs
-a glass of wine by myself after the girls are all asleep
-a rental movie
-listening to my own music on the radio
-a long run
-going to Target by myself(I even get dressed up a bit when this happens and shop with a Venti non-fat latte) - oh, you see the other moms at Target sans kids with the smiles on their faces. It is such a treat.

So, Astrid and I are on our own again today. Can someone tell her to just smile at me today.

Simple Luxury.



Andrea said...

Oh wow -I hear you on ALL of that! But especially the pooping alone part. I really don't need anyone in there with me for play by play commentary and to hand me the toilet paper thankyouverymuch.
My kids were off almost all last week too for teacher conferences. I was about ready to jump out a window.

Melanie said...

you forgot sleeping!

Kristi Pohl said...

Hope things are settling back in to a more normal routine! Just think, no breaks for the kidlets now until Thanksgiving...

Michelle said...

you, me, Paris in 5 years.

with the girls of course because we need someone to pose for photos.

Tracy said...

Hey M - you are SO ON!!!!!

Tricia said...

Target alone... ah bliss!

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