Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Popular Girls

I have spent my whole life on the fringe of being popular.

In high school, I wasn't the first person called to go out, I rarely had a real date and I never sat on the homecoming court.

As life moved on, thankfully, I was never the one coordinating activities, sitting at the cool table at work, or being asked to dance at the club.

At 40, I am usually not the first person to be called upon to hang out with, to ask for help from or to even just chat.

Mainly my issue - at 40 how can I still feel like a gangly teenager and so unsure of myself in my own skin at times, and I am still painfully introverted and shy.

Thank goodness I value my alone time. A lot.

Imagine my surprise when last week I received 2 letters of importance.

One directly from Baby K'tan.
They found my post last week raving about their product on the ol' Internet and sent me a very sweet email, and have now made my chest quite famous on their website. I was shock and honored. They like me, they really like me. And I like them.

The second letter came from directly from the Office of the President of the United States of America. Oh yeah - they really like me. Remember this post from August...
...well, he wrote me back and didn't answer any of my questions and addressed me as "DEAR FRIEND!!" I am his friend now, and am assuming that is warmer to write then say "Dear Tracy" as there is just no way it was a form letter sent to me.

Come to think of it, Baby K'tan actually addressed me as "Dear Tracy" - do you think they like me more?

I am going to go away now and analyze my 2 new friends and wonder if they really like me, will invite me to lunch or if they will ever call...or should I call them?



Michelle said...

you crack me up.

Let's go to lunch.

Stacey said...

Isn't it funny how we perceive ourselves??? I always thought of you AS the popular girl, intellectual,confidant and strong. Maybe it was just the type of friendship we had... It always seemed easy with you!
Either way... I'm glad to be your friend (as an adult)... I like us both better now... And I love that you are REAL in your blog... Your humor & honesty are to be admired!

Rachelle said...

I hope they are paying you to put your chest on their website! How cool that they found your post.

jill R said...

Hey, after seeing you and your chest with the baby K'tan, I wanted one so that I could look like you, LOL. Didn't help, so I gave it to my niece (who conveniently is pregnant). As for not being popular, I don't believe a word you say... obviously, your self perception is off. I never was popular either, I think it was because I was too busy marching to the beat of a different drummer and that was okay by me.

Brian T said...

I think your photography and writing are great in your blog so I hate to burst your bubble, but I have to set the record straight for your readers....you were one the "popular" kids in high school. Oh yeah one other thing...I would have gone out with you in heartbeat...but I was a little too intimidated to ask (fear of rejection of course). Keep up the great and entertaining work.

Tracy said...

Hey Brian T - YOUR comment made my day much more than that president's note did.
..and I thought you were pretty cute too...

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