Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mice 10 Donut 0

Warning graphic pictures ahead.

Look away if squeamish.

There are no pictures of cute girls in this post.

Okay, I warned you...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Why oh why can't you catch the real mice? Really? Most people who have cats don't have mice in their homes. Why do we? Really Donut - I don't like you much anyway, and now you cannot even catch mice. We have resorted to traps.

Cat for sale - anyone?? Dead mice are available to, free with cat purchase.



heather said...

oh this brings back memories, that i can laugh at now...but not at the time.

we were renting an older home and it was cold and rainy outside for days. i started noticing things were off, but it just didn't sink in. until it did. we had mice.

ok so we thought it was just one or two so we would easily catch them and set them free. that didn't work.

my cat was really going insane. i've had him since he was 5 weeks old. he has no claws. and no mousehunting experience. so again he was just insane.

then there was the "night of mouse terror". mr. h was at work. and i guess with our efforts to try and catch them we disturbed their happy little home. it was midnight and they started going wild, absolutely wild. running everywhere.

i couldn't sleep because i swear i'd feel things running across the blanket. thankfully i can't prove that it was a mouse.

through that night of terror my insane hopeless mousehunting cat and i stood vigil. or more so screamed a lot, ran away and hid as much as we could. and making sure that none of them went down the hall towards the baby's rooms. my only weapon? a broom.

but the kitty... he really did want to catch them. he just was clueless. and absolutely insane. i think he was even twitching.

the next day we took care of the problem. i called an exterminator, mr. h came home with traps. the same kind the exterminator brought-sticky glue sort of things. and we caught them all. all ELEVEN of them. and funny the exterminators traps caught none. mr. h bragged about that. ewww is it really an accomplishment?

i do feel badly that the mice had to face such a gruesome end. but omgosh the terror they caused us that night. and please know this is the edited version of the story. it was the stuff that m. knight shamalamamamalon would make movies about.

Tracy said...

OMG Heather that is hilarious. Mice drive me completely crazy and Donut Cat just watches them and asks them over for coffee.

colored pencilgrandma said...

Wish I could send our Mr. Figs. He catches everything inside and out. They say only females are the hunters well our Mr. Figs proves otherwise. Maybe because he was a stray, outside cat that he has the skills.
Take care and maybe with more observation and practice Donut will improve.
Love to all

Amanda M. said...

Tracy & Heather, your stories have made me laugh so hard I might pee.

Jill R said...

We have 2 house cats and they are just as worthless as Donut is when it comes to catching mice, in fact I've caught them acting like they are sleeping but pointing the way to their cat dish crumbs (so they don't have to resort to cleaning them up themselves) with the tips of their tail to the rodents that invade our dwelling :-s

Kristi Pohl said...

Okay, I am bringing Claude over to teach Donut a thing or two. Even with a bum leg, no claws, and being 87 years old, he will take care of it for you, as he LOVES to catch mice. And then give them to us for presents. Not sure which is worse, at least with a trap you don't have to look at their dead little bodies...

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