Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three's A Crowd...

I will never forget when one of my best friends called me and said "guess what, we are pregnant!!" And I said "OMG really - with your FORTH!"

I believe I spit out my coffee - FOUR kids, who ever heard of such a thing in I sat there overwhelmed with my one child. I didn't know anyone with more than 3 kids and 2-3 kids still seems to be the norm around these parts.

As she was a very good friend, I then so very rudely said "on purpose?" She laughed and said "of course....we didn't want someone to have to sit alone on the roller coaster.

I would like to say right now, that my girls do not fight. Eloise and Esther play well together, are sweet as sugar to each other and are each others best friends. They have never, and this is no exaggeration, hit, bit, kicked, yelled at or taken another toy from or had any kind of altercation of any kind with another child, including their sibling...even as a toddler. Their teachers at the preschool conferences would always say "they need to be more assertive!" I said "no thank you - I would be mortified if my child ever hurt another person - even in a toddler rage."

Well, a 3rd child came into our home 2 months ago and my older girls are at each others throats. My word - it really is true that 3 is a crowd and someone is always feeling left out, angry and left in a puddle of tears.

Now, we won't be evening out the score here, so we need to learn to live with 3..but I have really had it up to "here" (raise hand above head about 50" if possible) with their constant bickering. Eloise even PUSHED Esther this week and my head about popped off!

Do you think it is true, this feeling of riding alone on the roller coaster?

If it means that we can all get along, I am happy to be the one riding with the stranger.



Amanda M. said...

I don't necessarily think it is the number of kiddos. There is a lot to get used to with a new baby. My older children were 10, 8 and almost 6 when our youngest was born (we've got 4 altogether, and I'd like 5, so someone would have to ride alone, too). They just seemed to fight over feeding her, holding her, and on and on. Just a big fat new adjustment period, IMHO. If your sweet girls got along that well before, they will again, I'd bet anything! Mine....well, they LOVE to bicker. Like they could be Guiness World Record Holders in bickering, especially the boys. They are like an old married couple that shouldn't have been married in the first place. ha!
I'll bet your sweet girls will go back to being just fine after a little bit of time. :)

Peggy Marino said...

Love the pictures - can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks.
Astrid sure is growing.
Love ya,
Aunt Peggy

Melanie said...

is jed allowed to ride roller coasters at his age?

ginny said...

I love these pictures of the girls. Astrid has changed so much since I saw her. I love the picture especially where Astrid's eyes are closed and the girls are comforting her.

Tina said...

Mine have fought since my wee one was able to walk at 9 months old. She'd get that evil glimmer in her eye as she ran & stole her 2 year old sister's spot as she ran to use the potty. It. never. stopped!!!
I too will be sitting with the stranger as I want 1 more..but just one. Unless it's twins. lol

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