Saturday, May 17, 2008

Backyard Boden and a Roller Derby...

Guess what - we've had gorgeous weather this week. I never knew 70 degrees could feel so good. It is so nice to see all of our neighbors out of their houses...finally released from our cold Winter's hibernation!

Yesterday, we went to Target to get Eloise some roller skates as a reward for going above and beyond being just a typical 5 year old... and I think it will count as her preschool graduation present! I can't believe she is almost done with preschool!

As far as roller skates go - I just wanted to get her a basic pair. Turns out there is no such thing - you can get Dora, Barbie, Spiderman, or some other Super Hero that we didn't recognize. I am sure the skates now cost twice as much too because of the branding royalties. Sorry, I was in marketing and totally get it - but it still ticked me off. Anyway, we ended up with Dora...and a full set of protective there is a reason we did not name Eloise, Grace. Of course, the pads were available in black for $7.99 - or with some lame kids character for $19.99 - I bought the black, but not after some tears. I need to take a stance sometimes you know.

Here are some pics of my Roller Derby wannabe and her darling assistant in the backyard...just having fun! (wearing their new Summer Mini Boden..thus the title)

Safety First - always practice on grass before attempting it on a hard surface..

Ready for the sidewalk..

...and she is already dancing - can't ya hear Donna Summer belting out the disco tunes...

View from the car...wanted some gas to go - sorry, too expensive dear...

"Hey, Ewoise...don't come on my sidewalk..."

"Is this a ballet outfit?"

"Look at these beautiful weeds I picked for you!"


Kristi Pohl said...

I actually prefer the black, it will go with all of her outfits.


just wondering .. do you dress them the same a lot and do they like that?

You should get rollerblades too so you can roll together. Its really fun. I do it with Robin a lot.

gypsygirl said...

love the mini boden! Just got that same shirt for my dd (with the pineapple shorts). And of course they are dancing...because as you've said before, every skirt has to twirl!

Melanie said...

I love the way you tell a story. "sorry dear, too expensive" LMBO!

I can't stand all the character crap either.

And you always get the best stuff from my favorite brands. We have boden too, but you always get the best looking boden, etc. You have amazing taste, and I may have you do all my shopping this fall. I'm sure you'd hate that.

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