Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lawn Chair Gardener gets off her Arse...

First of all, so sorry to disappoint yesterday by not posting. My word, I appreciate the MANY personal notes from people who were worried that perhaps my ugly plant in the backyard ate me up or something as I didn't post for a day. If I had known the night before that I was going to go out for so late, or partake in so much wine, I would've scheduled a meaningless post to be published in my morning, sleeping-in absence. Your friendly concerns made my day! xoxo

So, I got busy this past weekend and did me some planting! Believe it or not - I actually planted it ALL by myself too! Window boxes and planters I can I believe the worm factor is low.

So, now we are enjoying some lovely window boxes! Can I say, I love it and it makes me smile...but can I also say, that now I've got to water the suckers. They are so darn demanding sometimes.


Beth said...

Those planters are georgeous! I love the color combinations. You can come do mine for me any day. I'm glad to hear your day off wasn't serious!!

Melanie said...

ah worms.

dh just put in some new bricks around our one and only flower bed. he had to dig the tacky old ones.

aidan and the neighborhood were thrilled with the crop of worms they found. had to be close to a dozen of all shapes and sizes.

two of them were lying on the driveway. and a bird swooped down to eat them. NATURE @ its best! LMBO

Jaci said...

Your flower boxes are beautiful! You did a nice job on them.

gypsygirl said...

Those are beautiful! Any time you're out my direction, you're welcome to garden and plant away!!

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