Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Psychology that is Play-Doh...

I love Play-Doh! It is an amazing invention. I will also admit at this time that I do NOT and will NEVER make my own Play-Doh. The fancy store bought stuff is great, it's cheap, it's easy, and I can spend my time playing with my kids and creating Play-Doh thingy-ma-bobs, rather than making the stuff that just really is never like the real thing in my very humble opinion.

Per "" ...Play-Doh was first sold in 1956...but 1st introduced in 1955 and was actually a non-toxic wallpaper cleaner??? ...hhhmmm, I wonder if it still works for that probably would use the white Play-Doh though. ...and don't you just hate the white one? It always seem to dry out the fastest and just isn't as much fun. I also just read that National Play-Doh Day is September 18th. I am marking that on my imaginary calendar and I'm having a Play-Doh party!

What I love about Play-Doh is that everyone does something different with it- and I love to watch kids play with it.

This is what Eloise's looks like after 15 minutes...very organized, clean, respectful, a little cute caterpillar is being made...the colors are safely apart.

This is what Esther's looks like after 15 minutes...during this time, Eloise is yelling at her.."DON'T mix the colors...DON'T mix the colors..." Seriously, Esther doesn't even look up or acknowledge what Eloise is saying...and she just smiles and smiles as she mixes them all together and thinks it is magic how they swirl together..and then you notice that all of her shapes/blobs are different sizes too.

I admit that I have always played with my Play-Doh like Eloise...the same way I color my Easter eggs - one color, nice and neat. My brother always mixed his colors too...and I remember almost all of his Easter eggs and Play-Doh ended up black.


Melanie said...

aidan is a color mixer too. play doh in our house is pretty much one use only. but that is a use that lasts a lot of the afternoon.

i wonder what kind of play doher catie will be. right now, she just eats it!

Beth said...

Homemade playdough is good because you can have a big batch of your favorite color. But what I love about the REAL playdoh is the smell! Even though homemade can smell like whatever you want with the addition of fruity koolaid powder or extracts, the real playdoh is the best. Also,cleaning the pots after making the dough is not fun. Playdough is supposed to be fun!!

Kari Moroz said...

Hilarious! I love your posts...And I just read about Dan Zanes too, we LOVE him! I've never thought about taking them to a concert. We'll have to do that someday. The girls dance to him on the Disney Channel. What fun! And of course your girlies look like a million bucks in their cute Wati and Mim Pi!!

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