Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is.....American IDOL!!

Do you watch it? I am slightly obsessed about it. (remember my addiction issues I previously mentioned...well this is one of them.) The world stands still from 7-8pm CST on Tuesday evenings while us girls snuggle up in our jammies and watch Idol. I've watched it for only 3 I think before that I had babies and didn't have the energy to focus on it. Now that the girls are older...I decided that they should like it too...I sometimes love the parenting power of persuasion. Good news - they LOVE it. Esther is hilarious and has an opinion on everyone who sings. Unfortunately, she immediately became enamored with David Enchilada(that is Archuleta to you and me...but she can't pronounce that.) Now, David Enchilada is cute and sweet and has a nice voice and all...but he is not a performer in my humble opinion.

...however, David Took(Cook to you and me...Esther likes the name Took instead) is my kind of man. My word that boy can sing, and dance, and rock. Okay, I really really really like him...and so does Eloise..she is more of a pleaser and likes who I like!

I am so glad to share something with my girls that is so current, hip, fun and well, relatively wholesome..This show is all about dreams....and how to make your dreams happen. The kids on this show(geesh, hear me talking like I'm 80..) are very inspirational, driven, focused and kind as they reach for their own stars in life.

We hope you voted for David Took(cook) - but either way, he will always be a star to us. Watch the season finale today at 8/7 central! :-)

...on a totally off topic tangent - after posting yesterday about our Donut Cat...we found out that our good friends beloved Claude cat had disappeared outside and could not be located. Well, good news, that after about 24 hours he has been FOUND and is home SAFE today...this was from the goodness of neighbors who called when the saw the posters all around the neighborhood. It warms my heart to know what good neighbors we have here...and big hugs to you Claude..I am so glad you are home. You are loved.


Beth said...

Its great that there is a family show for you to watch together. I haven't watched a series show in almost 12 years:( Someday maybe we'll have one of those fancy DVR recorder thingys and we may be able to watch something interesting!
Cute pics of Donut yesterday!!

Kristi Pohl said...

thanks for posting about Claude, I am so lucky to live with neighbors who care-and good friends too!

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