Friday, May 16, 2008

There's a Kind of Hush....

...all over my house, today...all over my house...

So, I am so sorry if any of you have tried to call during the past 40 hours, as I am not answering the phone. Here I am talking like my phone rings 30 times a day as I am so popular or something. Well, it rang twice - so, for the 2 of you(or 1 of you who called twice) yesterday and I did not answer...I apologize. I have lost my voice...completely...gone. Barely even a quiet whisper. I have no idea why. I was talking to Jed on the phone and sentence 1-5 were just fine and just sentence 6 was non-existent? This is very annoying!

Why I hate not having my voice:
1. I can't yell at Jed
2. I can't yell at my girls
3. I can't answer the phone
4. I can't answer my girls 20 zillion questions they ask everyday

Why I like not having my voice:
1. I can't yell at Jed
2. I can't yell at my girls
3. I can't answer the phone
4. I can't answer my girls 20 zillion questions.

Now, I never realized how many questions little kids ask per day until you can't respond to them..Holy Chatty Patty Girls...they talk CONSTANTLY and ask me EVERYTHING. Even when I think they finally figured out that I couldn't answer them...they just kept asking things. The little monkeys can't read yet either - so when I started writing the answer down for them that just seemed kind of silly. Car rides were frustrating, as they kept talking to me and asking me things, and I couldn't even turn around to remind them that "Mommy can't talk, let's just enjoy listening to Dan Zane..." One time during the day I actually stomped my feet to get their attention as they just weren't paying attention to what I was trying to say. Now, isn't that mature - but it did give a better understanding of how a 2 year old feels.

Probably the worst part of the day though, was I went into Starbucks and I couldn't order - I can whisper...but he wouldn't get close enough to me to hear me...I think he thought I had a contagious medical he finally gave me some paper to write my order on...thank God. Today, I am bringing my pen and paper with me everywhere I go....I just apologize to the under 5 crowd that you can't read.


Beth said...

I hope your voice comes back soon. I bet the girls are going crazy! Good luck!

Kristi Pohl said...

I was wondering why I hadn't gotten my daily phone call...the same thing happened to me in January, Mike loved it. It lasted almost 5 days! It is frustrating, but kind of nice in a way. Now is when learning sign language would have come in handy...and thank god for e-mail! Hot tea with lemon... or brandy.

Melanie said...

awe you poor thing.

the questions are cute at first, and then about 4,000 questions in, it's a little annoying. LOL

jaci said...

LOL @ you stomping your feet like a toddler. Hope your voice comes back soon!

ginny said...

Try honey and hot water.

Sarah said...

"Oh voice, where are you?"

I hear ya on the million questions. I've been to the point before where I just wanted to yell 'Shut Up!' But I didn't... just asked if she would please stop talking. Pretty please. Puhleez. Just stop. LOL.

Hope you find it again soon!


AS said...

trying again today. I try to send you a message at least once a week, but am a failure at this. Hope you feel better and your voice comes back.

Heather said...

You poor thing :( I hope that your voice comes back soon! I loved your reasons to love not having a voice, and your reasons to not love it. You are such an excellent writer :o)

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