Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quack Quack Waddle Waddle...

Feeding the ducks at one of our neighborhood colleges is a favorite past-time of ours in the warmer months. May is currently not going down as one of the "warmer" months, as it was 39 degrees when we road or bikes to see the ducks yesterday (yes, I wore my Winter hat and gloves on while riding..) I had this morning planned that the girls would have a ball feeding and chasing and generally harassing the ducks...it's so funny as in years past, they were afraid of them...I am glad now they have figured out that they are much bigger and also in control of the food...and while they fed the ducks, I would take lovely, publish worthy pictures of them in their new Spring Matilda Jane.

This was not a successful mission because:
A. My camera storage card carped out on me - so I had to use my 64mb one from the year 2000 and it only could store 24 pictures...talk about pressure to get the right shot.
B. It was so flippin' cold that they had to wear sweatshirts over their pretty dresses(yes MJ sweatshirts) but not the look I was going for. They really could've worn coats, but I wasn't going to throw my whole photo plan out the window, so I made them suffer a bit. (I was warm though...)
C. The ducks were not hungry and just ran away and ignored them...stupid ducks..
D. My girls don't listen to me anymore and are starting to tire of this whole "let me take your picture in a pretty dress" thing. They are sooo over it all, and if they knew curse words...sometimes I think they would use them towards me when my camera comes out.
E. They wouldn't let me comb their hair - and after riding our bikes over...it was none too pretty.
F. I am NOT a professional photographer...

So, these are the few of the 24 shots that turned out from the day. They are still quite lovely in my very humble opinion.


Kristi Pohl said...

so clearly, even with all of your "issues", you still got fabulous shots of your adorable girls. and the sweatshirts totally work-it's the layering look! just one request, more self portraits! I wanted to see what hat you wore.

Jaci said...

So....do you think we'll EVER warm up here in the midwest? I have entire closets full of spring & summer clothing that I'm dying for my kiddos to wear, yet we're still in sweatshirts and coats and hats. :(

Your girls are adorable, as always!

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