Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Wrapped Up and Nowhere to Go

I am addicted to swaddling my babies. I swaddled Eloise until she was 6 months old, whether she needed it or not.

Perhaps I should get a job in a hospital nursery and make $5000 per baby and become a rich and famous swaddler?

When I swaddled Eloise, I called her my little Papoose upon completion.

I called Esther my big Burrito when she was all wrapped up.

When I am swaddling Astrid, I call it getting into Caterpillar mode.

I need more hobbies.



The Donovan's said...

could she be any sweeter!? honestly, I can't get over how big she already is!
love u!!

Heather said...

my husband could seriously be a pro swaddler too! his specialty? burrito babies!

you sure do make me miss babies...

Ginny said...

I think if someone could swaddle me I could sleep just like that. She looks so peaceful and precious.

Tracy said...

mom, with the way you are shrinking, I am sure Astrid's blankets will work for you soon. i am happy to swaddle you.

Anonymous said...

Good job mom! I can't wait until the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly....actually yes I can wait, enjoy!

Melanie said...

Hooray for the swaddle! We are still swaddling Drew at night...plans are to continue...he's 5.5 months now!
Astrid is a beautiful caterpillar!

Michelle said...

ooh, she's delicious!

Rachelle said...

Oh my, gorgeous pics as usual. Also love to swaddle, love to nurse, ummm... not the pain in the beginning so much and not the leaking, but yes, love babies. Oh yeah. Happy 'tis you and not me. But... did I say... LOVE the pics? I do.

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